Emmerdale star explains why Ruby is plotting against Kim

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Beth Cordingly has explained Ruby Fox-Miligan's decision to plot against Kim Tate.

Ruby has caused quite the stir since entering the village earlier this year, with the character hoping to resurrect her marriage with Caleb.

Following the hospitalisation of her son Nicky, Ruby took matters into her own hands as she sought revenge on Ethan Anderson, going as far to hit him with her car.

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The latest storyline has seen Ruby collude with Rose Jackson in order to bring down Kim Tate, a development which Cordingly teased in an interview with Inside Soap.

“Ultimately, she's doing it for Caleb,” said the actor. “She wants to make him happy. She’s conceded that being with his family does that, even if she does whinge about living in the village, so her next step comes because of Caleb’s beef with Kim – she wants to punish her.

“Ruby also has her own thing with Kim, though. Remember when she and Kim were in cahoots and it ended badly. Ruby left saying: ‘You don’t want to cross me!’ and Kim laughed in her face. So there’s a bit of pride for Ruby with this – she’s one of those people that’s not very good at letting things go.

“Ruby is passionate and impulsive, whereas Kim is far cooler and doesn’t get her feathers ruffled. We get the impression that Ruby and Caleb have been tough for quite a long time with a lot of people – but is she up to Kim? We’ll see.”

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Whilst Ruby and Rose are conspiring, Caleb is deliberately left out of the loop by his wife, a decision that Cordingly teases could later be rued by her character.

“It’s going to be interesting with Caleb not knowing, because if it backfires or kicks off, she’s going to have to pick up the pieces herself.

"But what’s good about Caleb and Ruby is that because they can’t bear to be apart, the fire and passion of their relationship means there’s always a tension that could spill over at any time.”

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