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    Fucking Trudeau. Just like Obama.
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    BTW worst voice on the planet.
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    Any chance this guy could die tomorrow, he's getting sickening. Who cares about welfare recipients.
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    A real Honor, from real people A good man doing good things for the people, May the creator shine favorable light upon him .
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    If only the FN idiot could sing
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    If that's all he's being honoured for, then surely there must be more to life.
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    theresa r
    except for Patrick's comment, all you people here are assholes. you are all heartless, unfeeling, ignorant of native peoples, unappreciative scumbags. to receive an honor like that is beautiful. he received the name He Who Walks Amongst The Stars. native peoples are one with the earth and appreciate all life, unlike all the scuzzbuckets here. you should all be so lucky to never suffer from a disease. if you do i hope you all suffer alone and in silence. peasants.
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    It's a shame this comment section on an amazing moment was hijacked by "tough" guys hiding behind call names. Show some class instead of hiding in your parents basement thinking reactions to your comments make you important...