Lockdown lifted at Enloe High after no gun is found on campus. School dismisses early.

Enloe High School in Raleigh dismissed students early Friday after police investigated a report of a person on campus with a gun.

In a message on the school’s website, Enloe said school would dismiss nearly two hours earlier than normal at 12:30 p.m. The school went on a Code Red lockdown at 10:16 a.m. after a student reported received a message from a possibly armed person who was reportedly on the football field.

Raleigh Deputy Police Chief Rico Boyce told reporters that officers searched the campus and did not find a gun. He said it’s too soon to say if the threat was a hoax.

“We have determined there is no threat on campus,” Boyce said during a news conference. “We took this matter very seriously. We’re going to continue to investigate and see how all this originated.

“But at this time I just want to let the community know that this threat is unfounded right now. There is no threat. There is no firearm. There is no one injured at Enloe High School.”

Students remained in their classrooms during the Code Red lockdown.

Large police presence

Enloe, located on Clarendon Crescent in East Raleigh, is one of Wake County’s biggest high schools, with 2,518 students. The school’s call to 911 triggered a large police presence.

“Yes, we came with a lot of resources,” Boyce said. “But if there was a threat with someone with a gun we wanted to quickly mitigate that.”

Boyce said State Capitol Police and the Wake County Sheriff’s Office helped Raleigh Police do a systematic search of the entire campus and the surrounding neighborhoods.

“It’s obviously going to have a huge impact on parents as well as students and staff anytime you see a large police presence on a school campus,” Boyce said. “But it’s all to make sure that everyone is safe.”

Early dismissal Friday

Enloe said students were offered lunch and school buses provided transportation home for students who ride by bus.

Parents were able to pick up their students using the normal carpool procedures.

All afterschool activities were canceled.