Eric Trump Seems Unhappy With The New York Legal System For Some Reason

Eric Trump seemed a little unhappy with the New York legal system on Tuesday.

Apparently, that’s what happens when a judge decides that your family business has repeatedly committed fraud.

On Tuesday, Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that former President Donald Trump and other members of the Trump Organization consistently overvalued his assets and net worth in order to get better deals from banks, insurers and other businesses.

As a result, the company could be ordered to pay $250 million in fines and not be allowed to operate in New York.

No wonder the ex-president’s son took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to ― what else? ― whine and gripe about the verdict.

He posted that he has “lost all faith in the New York legal system,” and claimed “never before have I seen such hatred toward one person by a judge - a coordinated effort with the Attorney General to destroy a man’s life, company and accomplishments.”

The younger Trump insisted that “despite the verdict,” his family has “run an exceptional company - never missing a loan payment, making banks hundreds of millions of dollars, developing some of the most iconic assets in the world.”

“Yet today, the persecution of our family continues…”

But if Eric was expecting people to offer support, he might have been misguided. Some people urged him to “keep whining.”

Other folks openly took pleasure in the verdict and wondered how Trump could still be the Republican presidential front-runner.

But one person joked that the wrong person was getting the blame ― and his initials are “H.B.”