Esterhazy Super Sledders request approved at Town Council

A request from the Esterhazy Super Sledders and ATV Club came before Council during their April 10 meeting, seeking the use of the hall for their upcoming third annual show and shine event on June 8.

Last year, the group had access to the washrooms, power and the parking lot of the hall, but had a couple requests for the 2024 edition of the popular event.

“The only difference this year is the Esterhazy Daycare would like to run a pancake breakfast,” said Recreation Director Michelle Fuhr. “So they were wondering if they could use the kitchen, but they were hoping that it would be free of charge.”

Another ask had to do with inclement weather, that if the clouds should threaten the event with a downpour, the cabaret portion of the event could move inside.

“If the weather’s not permitting, they would like to move their stuff into the hall,” Fuhr confirmed.

The Super Sledders event coincides with a slo-pitch tournament and is a fundraiser for the club’s Save the Trail campaign. Plans also include local band Route 605 set to perform, with the party rockin’ till approximately 1 a.m.

“In allowing the use of the washrooms and stuff, it just makes sense,” said Mayor Grant Forster. “It’s events that we want to have going in town and it makes it easier for them to put it on. I agree that if they move the cabaret inside, they definitely should be paying for that use.”

After discussion by Council, a motion was made and carried to allow the use as requested, but in the event of using the hall that a day rental would be charged.

Other items on the Council agenda including the following:

Gas contract approved

After some discussion on whether to sign a one or three-year agreement with Connect Energy, a motion was made to accept the longer-term contract.

Connect Energy is a Saskatoon-based natural gas supplier, and has previously been utilized by the Town. For the first year of the agreement, a fixed price of 0.1244 per cubic metre (around $3.15 per GJ) is applied, then for the next two years, the fixed price of 0.1797 per cubic metre (approximately $4.55 per GJ) or lower will be applied.

“The fixed price is guaranteed for the entire term, however, depending on market values, if it does drop, we do get the lower price at all times,” explained CAO Tammy MacDonald.


Council moved that the appointment of Joshua Nitz and Cristin Korchinski as residential building inspectors in the Town of Esterhazy be approved.

Snow in alley a concern

In his report from the Public Works Department, Acting Director of Operations Ron Ferris told Council about an occurrence of improper snow piling. He noted the pile in question was placed in the alley of Fifth Avenue, which when thawed, melts into surrounding yards.

“I think some attention should be drawn to it,” Ferris said. “If people are going to push snow, push it out onto the street at least so we can carry it away so they don’t have these issues; or move it down into that block behind the apartment building.”

While the issue may be too late to address at this point, CAO Tammy MacDonald suggested the Town use a proactive approach, issuing letters prior to the next snowfall (hopefully many months away) enlightening residents to the issue and to refrain from piling snow in such places.

Municipal potash sharing

Esterhazy is projected to receive $342,665.66 according to the 2024 Municipal Potash Sharing estimate. This would be an increase of $39,816.79 or 13.15 per cent from the 2023 final amount received of $302,848.87.

Ryan Kiedrowski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The World-Spectator