Every Samsung gadget we still expect in 2024

Samsung logo sign at the Mobile World Congress.
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Sure, the Samsung Galaxy S24 range is out, but don’t think that’s it for Samsung’s 2024. The Korean company still has a lot to share, from folding smartphones to new watches and even an entirely new product range. As ever, it’s going to be a massive year for Samsung, and many of its releases are sure to end up as staples on our various best-of lists.

The rumor mills are abuzz with whispers and leaks, and it’s giving us plenty to look forward to. Here’s the lowdown on every Samsung gadget we still expect to see in 2024, along with when we think they’ll be officially revealed to the world.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 (July 2024)

Renders of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, showing the front and back of the phone.
Renders of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, showing the front and back of the phone.
Renders of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, showing the front and back of the phone.
Renders of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, showing the front and back of the phone.
Renders of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, showing the front and back of the phone.
Renders of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, showing the front and back of the phone.

New foldables have become part of Samsung’s annual rotation, and that includes a new Galaxy Z Fold model. Historically, the Z Fold has launched sometime in August, but that date has been slowly getting earlier and earlier in the year. If Samsung is following this trend, it may look to launch the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 in late July. However, rumors have it coming even earlier than that, with SamMobile saying we could see it in early July.

In broad strokes, the Z Fold 6 looks to be largely the same as last year’s Z Fold 5. However, some rumors say the design will change slightly, with the phone’s footprint increasing and the cover and inner displays widening . It may also be slightly thinner and lighter too, though it’s worth pointing out that the leaks on these details do conflict. What does seem likely, though, is a move away from curved edges. The change to flat edges is one Samsung has made in this year’s S24 range, and it makes sense that the Z Fold 6 would follow suit.

There’s less to go on where other parts of the phone are concerned. An upgrade to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor is a certainty, but there’s no word on storage or RAM numbers yet. There’s a little more regarding the camera specs, though there’s some disagreement as to whether the main lens will be the S24 Ultra’s 200-megapixel lens or the S24’s 50MP lens. It does seem as thouigh the Z Fold 6 will get a slightly larger battery, too.

An interesting curveball has been the rumors of an all-new variant. The Z Fold has been an ultra-premium phone since it launched, with prices starting at $1,800 and often heading up to the $2,000 mark. But apparently, Samsung still thinks there’s room in the market for something even more premium: a Z Fold 6 Ultra. Details on this are sparse, but it has seemingly been confirmed through model numbers. However, it could well be a very limited release and only available within South Korea.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 (July 2024)

Leaked render of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6.
Leaked render of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6.
Leaked render of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6.
Leaked render of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6.
Leaked render of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6.
Leaked render of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6.

If we’re getting a new Z Fold 6, then it’s an easy bet that we’ll get a new Z Flip as well — the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6, to be exact. As is usual, you can expect this phone to debut alongside its Fold sibling, with rumors placing the launch at a Galaxy Unpacked event in early July.

Like the Z Fold 6, don’t expect a massive overhaul of the Z Flip 6. The leaks aren’t in agreement, with some saying the dimensions will stay largely the same (albeit a bit thicker), while others say the cover screen may increase in size. Assume the same, and any increases can be a bonus or sorts. Specs are in a similar space — the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is expected, while RAM and storage are expected to stay broadly the same.

On the plus side, there are some whispers that we might be seeing an upgraded camera this year. Samsung may be upgrading the 12MP main lens to 50MP, which would be a significant upgrade. It’s also worth noting that the slight increase in thickness could mean there’s room for a larger battery, which is always welcome.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 (July 2024)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic next to each other.
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The new Samsung Galaxy Watch tends to launch alongside Samsung’s newest foldables, so it makes sense to assume we’ll also see the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 range debut earlier than usual this year. Like the foldables, Samsung is likely launching these early to push the devices during the 2024 Summer Olympics, so expect to see some marketing collaborations, too.

We haven’t seen any leaked renders or photographs of Samsung’s upsoming watches yet, but there are some very interesting rumors surrounding their shape. Reports suggest Samsung is considering ditching the round watch face design and going back to a square or rectangular shape. We haven’t seen Samsung release a square smartwatch in some time, but it was the shape of the earliest smartwatches and would be a fun throwback. It would also help the Galaxy Watch 7 to stand out in what’s becoming a crowded marketplace, as it would join the Apple Watch in adopting an iconic shape. However, this isn’t even close to being confirmed, and may not be surfacing on the Watch 7, though Samsung may consider it for later models.

Another rumor says we could see three models released this year: a standard model, a Classic, and a Pro. The Watch 7 may also get a nice spec boost too, thanks to the Exynos W940 chip, which is said to be 50% more power efficient and 30% faster than the previous processor. This updated processor will hopefully also mean a more robust battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Ring (July 2024)

Three sizes of the Samsung Galaxy Ring, sitting on top of a white display case.
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Samsung has made no secret of the fact that it’s creating an Oura Ring competitor — in fact, it revealed the Samsung Galaxy Ring at the January Galaxy Unpacked where it released the Galaxy S24 range, and later took it to Mobuke World Congress (MWC) 2024. There’s no definite launch date for the Galaxy Ring yet, with Samsung only saying it’s “coming soon”, but it seems a good bet that it might be included in the same expected July launch event for the Galaxy Z Fold, Z Flip, and Galaxy Watch 7. However, that could end up being a crowded show, so don’t be surprised if it’s pushed later in the year.

If you’ve not used a smart ring before — and you wouldn’t be alone in that — think of it as a much smaller health tracker. The intention is to let you track a number of metrics without the extra fuss of a smartwatch. Granted, that reduces the amount of things you can track, but we can expect the Galaxy Ring will include heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, and a few other sensors. The Oura Ring can track activities like housework, so we’d expect the Galaxy Ring to be able to do something similar and perhaps even more.

Battery life will hopefully be one of the Galaxy Ring’s standout features, as Samsung has promised it’s a focus of development. The Oura Ring lasts at least four days on a single charge, and if Samsung can exceed that, it will be a large feather in the Galaxy Ring’s cap.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 (August 2024)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra sitting on a chair outside.
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This one falls into the realm of expectations rather than leaks. Samsung tends to roll out a new Galaxy Tab every year, and we doubt this year will be any different. There are no real leaks or whispers about this device yet, but it’s not hard to make some assumptions about what we’re likely to see.

While a big redesign would be nice, the silence on this front likely points to the Galaxy Tab S10’s design staying much the same. Admittedly, it’s hard to design a tablet that isn’t a big aluminum slab, so it’s easy to forgive Samsung if this is the case. Specs will probably get the usual bump, with the processor moving from last year’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. RAM and storage numbers are up for debate, though. Expect to see the same three models on offer, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab S10, S10 Plus, and S10 Ultra.

Pricing could present an unwelcome surprise, though. Samsung has been increasing the range’s price in the last few iterations, and that could continue with the Galaxy Tab S10 range. There’s no mention of whether this will happen, but it certainly could. As for when we’re likely to see it, tradition has new Galaxy Tab tablets launching in August, with the Tab S8 being the only exception to this rule recently — though it’s possible Samsung may change this up if it launches various foldables and smartwatches in July.

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE (October 2024)

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Mint Green color along with a Samsung notebook and a cermaic bowl with lemons.
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A new Galaxy FE (Fan Edition) is always nice to see, and leaks are claiming we’ll be getting a Samsung Galaxy S24 FE this year, too. Details are relatively sparse, but on the whole, the old rule of the FE line seems to be holding firm. Expect a similar phone to the Samsung Galaxy S24, but with a slightly larger display, a slightly weaker processor, and a strong value price.

The key to this phone’s success is going to be its power-to-value ratio, and that’s going to depend on the specs of the processor and the phone’s cost. We don’t have any details on the cost, but $600 seems likely. Thankfully, rumors say we’ll be getting the newly minted Qualcomm Snapdragon 8s Gen 3. So it’ll be powerful, but not so powerful as to undercut the Galaxy S24. That seems like a solid compromise to us.

When might we see it? That’s up for debate, but since the Galaxy S23 FE was launched in October 2023, October 2024 seems a solid bet.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 (sometime in 2024)

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.
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It’s been usual for Samsung to push out a new set of Galaxy Buds every two years (with the Pro versions filling the gaps), but 2023 came and went without us getting a new set of mainline Galaxy Buds. In short, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 are overdue — but thankfully, they seem to be on the way. Samsung showed off a set of Galaxy Buds with an OLED screen built into the charging case at CES 2024, which may be the reason why the newest set of Buds is delayed.

Model numbers for the Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro have surfaced, confirming their existence. But unfortunately, we don’t have much else to say about new earbuds, as the rumor mills have been largely quiet where they’re concerned. A release date is also uncertian While it’s possible Samsung may introduce them at the same time as its new foldables, it may choose to push them later in the year so as not to overlaod that particular release schedule. This is one to keep an eye on, but we wouldn’t place any large wagers on exactly when it shows up.