Everything You Need to Know About Erich Schwer From ‘The Bachelorette’

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An entire new flock of future reality stars are joining Bachelor Nation as Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia attempt to find love on a literal cruise ship during The Bacheloretteand honestly, there are a couple people you’ll wanna keep an eye on (Johnny DePhillipo’s journey on the show is something else, lemme tell you). But we’re here to talk about Erich Schwer, one of Gabby’s final six dudes who has been getting *a lot* of screen time for reasons that may or may not be related to spoilers. Scroll down to find out how far Erich makes it on The Bachelorette, but until then, here’s literally everything we know about this man.

Photo credit: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth
Photo credit: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

He’s an Outdoorsy Real Estate Analyst

Lotsa real estate people on The Bachelorette this season! But 29-year-old Erich is different due to being an analyst vs. an agent [pretends to know what that means], and it sounds like he’s based out of Bedminster, New Jersey.

ABC’s bio writer poetically muses that Erich is “a handsome guy whose quiet confidence is hard to ignore. He describes himself as low-key, funny, outdoorsy, and a bit mysterious with a fun side.”

Love someone who’s a “bit mysterious.” Unless said mystery has to do with a secret career as an aspiring singer-songwriter, in which case, please no. Not again.

He’s Ready to Settle Down

So, “Erich acts with intention and is looking for the real deal,” and he’s done with dating. Like, fully DONE. “He doesn’t want to be in a relationship just to be in a relationship,” ABC notes, adding that “the next time he commits, it’s for the long haul.”

We also know that Erich “has no interest in going to an escape room” (which means he will definitely be shoved into one at some point on this show), likes both red and white wine because apparently that’s a fact that’s been deemed “interesting,” and “dreams of seeing the Northern Lights in person.” Noted!

He Likes Tall Women

Kay! And he has some other requirements as well, ahem:

“His perfect partner is easygoing, selfless and communicative; and while he says he doesn’t have a type, he often finds himself attracted to taller women. He loves doing the unexpected and finds joy in making someone feel special. Above all, Erich hopes to find his best friend and someone with whom he can spend a lifetime of quality time.”

So...do Gabby and/or Rachel fit the bill?

SPOILERS AHEAD! (After this important GIF hehe)

He Makes It to Gabby’s Final Four

Reality Steve reports that Erich is one of the contestants to make it to Gabby’s final four, meaning he filmed a hometown date with her. In fact, we know the date took place on April 24, 2022, and there are pics thanks to Reality Steve:

Plus, we now know something even more juicy...

He Ends Up Engaged to Gabby

Yep, my absolute fave gossip source Reality Steve revealed that Erich winds up snagging the coveted title of Gabby's fiancé™️. For the absolute longest time, there were legit no spoilers on the show, which def means that ABC probably had a tighter lid on them this time around. But alas, we noisy people persevered! BRB gonna go celebrate by doing some stalking on the other contestants just because :).

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