Everything you need to know about Peacemaker season 2

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Peacemaker, the unexpected Max hit that premiered in early 2022 and surprised everyone with its irreverent humor and heartwarming approach, will return for a second season. Peacemaker (John Cena) is the breakout character from James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, and the show has taken the character to the next level and effectively turned what was a D-list DC villain into a bona fide star.

Although not much is known about Peacemaker season 2, one thing is for sure: Fans can expect more of the wacky, violent, and subversive humor that made the show’s first season such a hit to begin with. Still, there have been a few tidbits about the show’s status from Gunn, Cena, and others, so here’s everything we know about the upcoming season of Peacemaker.

Who is Peacemaker?

John Cena as Peacemaker with his helmet off in Peacemaker.

Christopher Smith, aka Peacemaker, is an antihero from DC Comics who made his debut in 1966 as a pacifist willing to go to extreme lengths to keep the peace. Although his pre-Crisis version opted to use non-lethal weapons, the character underwent a significant change throughout the years, eventually becoming a violent and mentally unbalanced vigilante who kills at the slightest provocation.

Cena’s version in the now-defunct DCEU draws inspiration from the post-Crisis version, depicting Smith as a criminal serving a 30-year sentence at Belle Reeve penitentiary. He joins the Suicide Squad during their mission at Corto Maltese and eventually reveals himself to be a double agent working directly for Amanda Waller to cover up the U.S. government’s secrets. After killing Rick Flag, Peacemaker is critically injured by Bloodsport, resulting in an extended stint at the hospital.

What happened in season 1 of Peacemaker?

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Season 1 of Peacemaker begins with the character recovering from his injuries. He is then forced to join a mysterious A.R.G.U.S. operation code-named “Project Butterfly,” which eventually turns out to be a task force fighting a series of parasitic aliens resembling butterflies who have slowly taken control over key figures.

Throughout the season, Peacemaker undergoes a significant shift, bonding with his teammates and showing great remorse for killing Flag. Peacemaker’s troubled relationship with his father, Auggie, a deranged white supremacist and the season’s secondary antagonist, also plays a huge role.

The final episodes see Peacemaker and his allies defeat the invasion, while sparing one butterfly he grew close with and nicknamed “Goff.” He also kills his father after Auggie launches an attack under his supervillain persona, White Dragon. The season ends with Peacemaker dealing with his father’s death while actively trying to become a better person.

Is season 2 of Peacemaker in production already?

Season 2 of Peacemaker was officially ordered in February 2022 after season 1 proved a success for Max. At that point, the future of the DC cinematic franchise was uncertain, as Gunn wasn’t announced as co-chair and co-CEO of DC Studios until October 2022. Once Gunn was officially in charge, he quickly began developing the upcoming Superman film, but his commitment to season 2 of Peacemaker remained unchanged. Now, over two years after season 1 dropped, season 2 of Peacemaker has officially begun production. Gunn dropped a teaser photo on his social media, confirming that the antihero is getting ready to get back into action.

Filming for Superman began in February with Gunn directing and is expected to last at least until August. He previously directed five and wrote all eight of Peacemaker‘s season 1 episodes, and he returns to the roles for the show’s sophomore effort. Gunn’s wife, Jennifer Holland, confirmed that filming for season 2 would start in the summer, allowing Gunn to wrap up production for Superman before jumping back to Peacemaker.

Peacemaker gets another director

On June 12, Deadline reported Superbad director Greg Mottola would direct “a few episodes” of Peacemaker season 2. Mottola’s style is a perfect fit for the wild and subversive world that Gunn created, and his approach will surely work incredibly well with Peacemaker‘s off-color tone.

Who is returning for season 2 of Peacemaker?

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Cena will most certainly return for season 2 of Peacemaker. During a recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Cena revealed the schedule for season 2, claiming he believed it would go all the way to Christmas. Freddie Stroma, who played the scene-stealing Vigilante, will also come back, and Gunn himself has stated that we might see more of this irreverent character even before season 2 of Peacemaker arrives.

Holland has already confirmed her return as A.R.G.U.S. agent Emilia Harcourt. Meanwhile, recent Oscar nominee Danielle Brooks confirmed her involvement earlier this year. As for Steve Agee, Gunn teased that his character, John Economos, would be seen “sooner than you think,” so his return is also likely for season 2. Finally, Viola Davis is receiving a spinoff series centered on her character, Amanda Waller, so an appearance in season 2 of Peacemaker might not be out of the question.

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As for new casting announcements, Gunn announced on May 10 that Frank Grillo will reprise his role as Rick Flag Sr. — which he will first play in the upcoming animated series Creature Commandos throughout season 2 of Peacemaker. As fans know, Peacemaker kills Rick Flag in The Suicide Squad and spends a large chunk of season 1 grappling with his regret. Grillo’s casting hints that season 2 will continue Peacemaker’s road to redemption, and Gunn’s comments about “unfinished business” signal an adversarial dynamic between the antihero and the potentially vengeful father.

On June 10 it was revealed that Sol Rodríguez and David Denman joined the cast. Rodriguez is playing Sasha Bordeaux, a character closely associated with Batman in the comics and even acted as Bruce Wayne’s bodyguard. She later becomes involved with the agency Checkmate, leading to a revamp of her character and her eventual association with Amanda Waller and Task Force X.

For his part, Denman will play an as-off-yet unknown role. Lastly, James Gunn announced on Instagram that Tim Meadows joined the cast on June 12. The SNL veteran will play ARGUS agent Langston Fleury, a new character set to be introduced in Peacemaker.

Is there a trailer for season 2 of Peacemaker?

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Sadly, there’s no trailer for season 2 of Peacemaker yet, and we probably won’t get one until next year. The show has only just begun production and will start shooting in the summer.

While it might get enough footage to put together a teaser, Gunn and company will probably focus on the marketing for Superman before starting with Peacemaker, especially since it’s been confirmed season 2 will connect with Superman‘s events.

When does season 2 of Peacemaker release?

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Production for season 2 of Peacemaker has only just begun, and per Cena’s words, it might last until Christmas. Creature Commandos will likely be released sometime this year, while Superman comes out on July 11, 2025. Thus, it’s likely season 2 of Peacemaker will arrive in late 2025.

Then again, season 1 of Peacemaker debuted in January, so perhaps season 2 will repeat the strategy and debut in early 2026. There’s no official announcement yet, but fans might receive some clarity in the upcoming iteration of Comic-Con or one of Gunn’s many posts on his Threads page.