Everything you need to know about a potential Christmas Chronicles 3 on Netflix

The Christmas Chronicles 3 hasn't been officially announced by Netflix yet, so we have no idea if Kurt Russell's Santa Claus will return.

The previous two movies were huge hits for the streaming service, with the sequel, The Christmas Chronicles 2, clocking up 61 million viewers in its first month. Both the first movie and the sequel have become annual festive rewatches as part of the best Christmas movies on Netflix, and always climbing back into the most-watched lists every year.

So far, the only promising update offered to fans are the cast's willingness to return.

"I would be interested in doing a third one. I would love to get to work with everybody again," young actor Darby Camp revealed to PureWow in November 2020.

At that same time, Russell wasn't sure a third movie was guaranteed, but seemed open to the idea – despite not originally being "big on sequels".

"Now sequels aren't even sequels anymore. We've just cyclically found our way around to making television. You go to the movies and you're seeing television because there’s a serial aspect to it," he told The New York Times.

Unfortunately, it's been almost four years since those interviews and Netflix has offered no updates on the threequel, so it seems unlikely it will ever happen.

Even so, we don't lose hope to see this Santa back again for a new Christmas movie! Here's everything you need to know about The Christmas Chronicles 3.

goldie hawn as mrs claus and kurt russell as santa claus in the christmas chronicles 2

Christmas Chronicles 3 potential release date: When can we expect The Christmas Chronicles 3?

As mentioned above, The Christmas Chronicles 3 hasn't been confirmed by Netflix as of May 2024, so we don't have an official release date.

We had hoped we'd be enjoying the third movie by now, given that the first movie came out in November 2018 and the sequel in November 2020. However, if we do get a threequel, the earliest we can expect it is November 2025.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 was announced in December 2019 ahead of its release in November 2020, which means Netflix might only need one year to make a new movie happen. We'd need a confirmation of the third movie by the end of the year, though, to ensure it'll be with us for the next festive season.

darby camp as kate, goldie hawn as mrs claus and jahzir bruno as jack in the christmas chronicles 2

Christmas Chronicles 3 cast: Who would be back in The Christmas Chronicles 3?

It wouldn't be Christmas Chronicles without Kurt Russell as Santa Claus and Goldie Hawn as Mrs Claus, so they'll both be back in a potential third movie.

We could see Julian Dennison return as Belsnickel after he broke the human curse at the end of the sequel and was turned back into an elf, having seen the error of his ways to destroy Christmas.

julian dennison as belsnickel in the christmas chronicles 2

Darby Camp and Judah Lewis both reprised their roles as Kate and Teddy Pierce in the sequel, but it feels like their story is now wrapped up after Kate reconciled with her mother's new boyfriend (played by Tyrese Gibson).

We imagine a third movie, if it happens, could see some new children involved in a festive adventure, but this is just speculation for now.

Christmas Chronicles 3 plot: What could The Christmas Chronicles 3 be about?

Unlike the first movie which ended with the debut of Mrs Claus, the sequel didn't end with any tease of what the next movie could be about.

That could mean that this is seen as the end of the Christmas Chronicles, but if Netflix confirms another movie, it wouldn't be too hard to continue the story as we saw in the sequel that Santa has a whole host of Chronicles books that tell all his tales.

What they could be is unclear right now, but the sequel also delved into Santa's past, showing his origin story back in 312 AD. It could well be that the threequel goes back into the past as well to tell a story from his past.

"There was a little bit of tech, but I'd say 75% of it was makeup," writer-director Chris Columbus told Insider. "It was kind of the same thing they did on the Guardians of the Galaxy movie Kurt was in. He had the same makeup person."

kurt russell as santa claus in the christmas chronicles 2

A similar approach could be taken for the third movie if they wanted to go into the past, but since he's Santa, they could just have Russell looking like himself and we'd still buy it.

Despite not knowing what could happen in a potential third movie, Darby Camp had one request. "If we get a third one, I would really love to see [Kate] actually drive the sleigh on her own," she told PureWow in November 2020.

"I noticed in the first and the second one that Kate never got to drive the sleigh. She's ridden in the sleigh, but she's never gotten to drive the sleigh—like actually hold the reins and go, 'On Dasher! On Dancer!," she explained.

It's not a plot, but that's something to work on!

Christmas Chronicles 3 trailer: Any footage of The Christmas Chronicles 3 yet?

It hasn't been confirmed yet, unfortunately, so it'll be a while before we see anything from the third movie. The trailer for the sequel only arrived a month before its release on Netflix.

The Christmas Chronicles and The Christmas Chronicles 2 are available to watch now on Netflix.

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