Exhibition that can be viewed via a robot opens at Saatchi Gallery

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A new lockdown-inspired exhibition which can be viewed remotely via a robot has opened at the Saatchi Gallery.

Philip Colbert: Lobsteropolis offers the audience the chance to view the artworks either in person or via a robot, which can be moved around the gallery via a smartphone or computer.

The exhibition, which features depictions of lobsters, includes a mixture of large-scale paintings and sculptures.

Philip Colbert: Lobsteropolis exhibition
(Dominic Lipinski/PA)

Colbert said: “Lobsteropolis is a show that I created in response to the global pandemic.

“I wanted to use contemporary technology to create a new phenomenon for exploring art exhibitions, offering an alternative to the concept of just putting art digitally into online viewing rooms.

“Lobsteropolis explores the idea of coming to an art exhibition as a robot and meeting other robots, almost creating this sci-fi vision of the future where we all have robot avatars integrating in the real world.

Philip Colbert: Lobsteropolis exhibition
Philip Colbert (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

“The idea of calling it Lobsteropolis was also an example of sending these robots to my magical lobster world, where everyone lives in the lobster dimension.”

The exhibition runs at the London gallery until November 29.