Ezra Miller Recast in Invincible Season 2 — See Who’s Replacing Them

Ezra Miller is being replaced in a superhero project — but maybe not the one people were expecting.

The embattled star of The Flash has been recast in Season 2 of Prime Video’s animated superhero series Invincible. Miller played D.A. Sinclair, a genius scientist who created an army of cyborgs known as “ReAnimen,” in the freshman season, but when Sinclair appeared in this week’s Season 2 episode, he was voiced by Eric Bauza, who also does voices for Looney Tunes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the new Disney+ series X-Men ’97. (Entertainment Weekly first reported the switch.)

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Miller starred as the titular DC Comics superhero in last year’s The Flash, but the actor has been mired in controversy in recent years and the subject of multiple investigations and arrests regarding allegations of grooming a minor, choking a woman in Iceland, second-degree assault and other instances of disturbing behavior. In an August 2022 statement/apology, Miller acknowledged they have “complex mental health issues” for which they had begun “ongoing treatment.”

The controversy even led some fans to theorize that Miller could be recast as the Flash before the movie debuted — perhaps even by Grant Gustin, who starred in The CW’s The Flash. But Miller remained the star when the film opened in theaters last June; it received disappointing box office returns and middling reviews.

TVLine has reached out to Amazon for a statement about Miller’s recasting; we’ll update this post when we receive a response.

Did you spot the switch, Invincible fans? And do you wish Miller was still playing D.A. Sinclair? Hit the comments to share your thoughts.

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