‘F**king Sick Of It’: Rock Legend Roger Daltrey Goes Off On What’s ‘Ruined’ Concerts

Rock icon Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who, doesn’t want you checking the setlist before the show.

“There’s no surprises left with concerts these days, ’cause everybody wants to see the setlist,” he told Billboard. “I’m fucking sick of it.”

Setlists are often posted on social media and websites such as Setlist.fm. As a result, many fans often know most, if not all, of the songs to expect at a concert.

And Daltrey hates it.

“The internet’s ruined the live shows for me,” he said. “Who wants to know what’s coming next? People forget about surprises. I can’t stand it.”

Billboard suggested that some fans might just want to know when they can go to the bathroom without missing a favorite song.

“Why not just start to listen to the bloody show in the toilet, then?” he said, although the website noted he was laughing as he spoke.

Read the full interview at Billboard.

Daltry is kicking off a solo tour of the United States this week and will likely be unhappy to learn Setlist.fm is already tracking it.