Fact Check: About That Viral Image Allegedly Showing Taylor Swift Is Pregnant

X account @SeedOilDsrspc
X account @SeedOilDsrspc


An image shared online in late May 2024 showed singer Taylor Swift was pregnant.


On May 27, 2024, an X user posted an image of pop star Taylor Swift and claimed it showed the singer was pregnant.

"Taylor Swift having a baby might save civilization," the X user wrote.

Similar claims appeared elsewhere on X in late May, while others commented on the rumor. Claims also appeared on Facebook, and videos commenting on the rumor were seen on TikTok. Together, they had amassed more than 8.7 million views at the time of this writing.


However, Snopes found no evidence supporting the assertion the "Shake It Off" singer was pregnant at the time of this writing (or evidence the image was manipulated to suggest that) and therefore have rated this claim as "Unfounded."

There were no pregnancy announcements on the musician's social media accounts, such as Instagram, TikTok or X.

No reputable news outlets wrote about Swift expecting a baby, although some publications did report the rumor.

Snopes contacted Swift's representatives, but they declined to address the question on the record.

Responding to the claims about Taylor Swift, Dr. Annie Frenkel, who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology, said on TikTok: "You cannot tell from a video whether or not a woman is pregnant."


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