Fan steals David Duchcovny’s cab and posts the photo on Twitter

David Duchovny had his cab stolen by some fans. Photo from Getty Images

Flagging down a cab in New York City can prove to be a tricky task, regardless of who you are. If you’re a famous actor hoping to catch a ride, sometimes demanding fans can get in the way.

That’s what happened recently to David Duchovny, much to one Twitter user’s advantage.

A woman known as Sarah on Twitter posted the photo from inside a cab. The snap shows the X-Files star posing with two women as they take a shot on a cellphone in front of the cab. Duchovny is leaning forward in a black t-shirt, with his hand on the shoulder of a woman holding the camera and wearing a white dress, while her friend stands beside them clutching a purse. The cab driver’s forehead is seen in the rearview mirror, as well as a $2.50 tab.

“We just stole David Duchcovny’s cab while he was taking a selfie with someone,” Sarah writes in the Tweet.

The post quickly spread, inspiring other users to chime in, but not exactly to scold Sarah for her rude behaviour.

Even former X-Files actor Mitch Pileggi got in on the fun.

The truth is out there: when it comes to catching a cab, there are no rules.