Barbra Streisand Reacts to Fuss Over Her Ozempic Instagram Comment: ’OMG’


Barbra Streisand, inventor of the Streisand Effect and undisputed queen of drawing negative attention to herself, has done it again. Melissa McCarthy posted a cute photo of herself with her friend Adam Shankman to Instagram on April 29, and Streisand, for reasons known only to Streisand, commented (per TMZ), “Give [Shankman] my regards did you take Ozempic?” Girl, what?

Streisand has apparently deleted the comment, but screenshots are forever.

Folks on social media are still sharing screengrabs of the comment, and they have opinions. Some people found the whole thing hilarious. Some people are deeply offended. And at least one person thinks Streisand was just trying to compliment McCarthy in the language of an “80-year-old New York woman.”

“Bless her, she thought she was in the DMs,” said one TikToker. Another person on Twitter agreed, writing, “Omg somebody please teach Barbra Streisand how to send a DM.”

The jokes flowed freely on Twitter, with one person writing, “Barbra Streisand receives Tony Award for Best Special Theatrical Event for her groundbreaking, fearless work on Instagram.” Another amateur comedian wisecracked, “‘Oh my God, Barbra, you can’t just ask people if they’re on Ozempic!’” with a GIF from Mean Girls.

A day later, on April 30, Streisand explained her gaffe on Instagram, writing, “I just wanted to pay her a compliment. I forgot the world is reading!”

She also gave her followers a full explanation of why she had even opened Instagram in the first place, which is the kind of charming behavior we’ve come to expect from people of a certain age with access to the internet. “OMG - I went on Instagram to see the photos we’d posted of the beautiful flowers I’d received for my birthday! Below them was a photo of my friend Melissa McCarthy who I sang with on my Encore album. She looked fantastic!”

Streisand just celebrated her 82nd birthday on April 24, and she shared two grid collages of flowers she had received on Instagram. According to her caption, she received 42 bouquets in total. It appears as though the numbers 4 and 2 hold a lot of meaning to the singer and actor, who was born on 4/24/42. This year her birthday fell on 4/24/24. I’m not a numerology expert, but that’s got to be significant, right?

“l was told I have 42 arrangements, and 13 (1+3=4) friends came to celebrate me on my day. From little to large arrangements - all different. The inside of my house is a garden now too!” she wrote. “Many of these flowers came from David Mark @designsbydavid_floralstudio who did my wedding almost 28 years ago!”

Barbra Streisand couldn’t change even if she tried.

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