Your Favorite Anti-Aging Moisturizer Now Comes With a Free Gift, and It’s Good

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We don’t know about you, but when we hear “free gift with purchase,” our minds immediately think: Not another tote bag. Well, thankfully Olay is holding a Friends & Family Sale from October 13 to 14 that is decidedly not that.

Instead, the storied brand is offering two of their top facial scrubs for free when you purchase any one of their bestselling Regenerist moisturizers, only on You know the ones: the Micro Sculpting Cream, Ultra Rich Moisturizer and Retinol24 MAX Night Face Moisturizer.

The fun part? Olay is letting you choose which face scrub you want. Exfoliation can help serums and moisturizers work more effectively so it makes sense that they’re being offered as a duo. Find the two deals below and take your pick.

Detoxifying Pore Scrub Facial Cleanser

Choose this option if your skin needs the sort of deep cleaning that you’ll see and feel. This scrub increases surface cell turnover to reveal softer skin and reduces the appearance of pores. Purchase any one of Olay’s bestselling Regenerist moisturizers and you’ll get a free Detoxifying Pore Scrub Facial Cleanser when you use the code “DETOX,” only on

Use Code: DETOX

Pore Perfecting Face Scrub

This pore scrub has made over-scrubbing nearly impossible thanks to its itsy-bitsy sugar-like crystals that break down as you exfoliate. Plus, it’s formulated with ingredients like vitamin C and the essence of Dragon Fruit, which smells exactly like an escape to the topics. Purchase any one of Olay’s bestselling Regenerist moisturizers and you’ll get a free Pore Perfecting Face Scrub. Just use the code “PERFECT” at checkout, only on


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