Figma just embraced AI in a big way

Example of Figma app design.

At this year’s Config conference, web interface design app Figma unveiled a major redesign and a suite of new AI-powered tools to simplify and accelerate design workflows.

This marks Figma’s third major overhaul, introducing a new visual style with rounded corners, an updated toolbar, and 200 new icons. Figma’s foray into AI brings Figma-specific tolls akin to other apps’ “draft an email” features. These AI capabilities aim to streamline everyday tasks, such as an “AI-enhanced” asset search and auto-generated text replacing the standard Lorem ipsum placeholder.

While these AI tools will be free during the beta phase, Figma may implement usage limits, and it promises to provide transparent pricing details once officially launched.

One helpful addition is Figma Slides, a new feature that offers an official way to create and share presentations directly within the app. A Google Slides-like feature within the app where users can create presentations and even change designs in real time without affecting the original design files. You’ll no longer need to turn to workarounds for the slide-like features.

Figma also plans to enable the presentation of app prototypes within the presentation deck, removing the need for separate screen recordings. Additionally, interactive features such as polls and alignment scales can also be added.

Developer mode also gets a boost with new features, including a “ready for dev” task list that aims to ensure that final products accurately reflect the developer’s intent.

The redesigned interface is available to beta testers now, with a waiting list open for those eager to try it out. It will be available through the end of the year.