Fined: Man who slapped female cyclist on head for hitting his car

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Unrecognizable female cyclist places her foot on the road after stopping.
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SINGAPORE — A driver who hit a female cyclist on her head after she hit his car was fined $3,000 on Thursday (28 October). 

Ng Yong Ngee, 45, was fined on Thursday (28 October) after he pleaded guilty to one count of voluntarily causing hurt to the 48-year-old woman at at the cross junction between Clementi and West Coast Road. 

On the morning of 25 September last year, Ng, an interior designer, was driving his car along West Coast Road in the leftmost lane. The woman was riding her bicycle on the left of Ng's car, with her three-year-old in a baby chair as a pillion rider. 

As Ng approached the junction of Clementi Road and West Coast Road, he filtered into the left turning lane in front of the victim. His car almost side-swiped the woman, who was riding straight. The woman then used her hand to hit Ng's car in retaliation before continuing along West Coast Road. 

Upon hearing the victim hit his car, Ng sounded his horn a few times. 

The woman then stopped on the left-most lane at the junction of Clementi Road and West Coast Road before turning back and gesturing at Ng. 

Ng got out of the car. He slapped the woman, who was wearing a bicycle helmet, on her head once from behind. Ng then returned to his car and drove off.

The woman went to the National University Hospital and was diagnosed with a right cheekbone bruise. 

District Judge John Ng said he had considered that Ng was a first offender who pleaded guilty at the first opportunity. 

While DJ Ng understood why Ng was alarmed, as he had his family in his car, he also understood why the cyclist would be concerned. "I think cyclists are very vulnerable on the road. One of the things to be concerned about is (to) keep a lookout for them." 

Ng could have been jailed up to two years, or fined up to $5,000, or both. 

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