'Big bang': Explosion destroys Winnipeg home and damages others, no injuries reported

WINNIPEG — An explosion Wednesday reduced a Winnipeg house to rubble and significantly damaged nearby homes.

Emergency crews were called to the bungalow on Camrose Bay in the Transcona neighbourhood shortly after 11 a.m.

Neighbour Patricia Carroll said she was in her kitchen when the light fixture fell from the ceiling and hit her on the head.

"There was the big bang and then there was about five or six more explosions after," she said.

She made sure her husband was OK then called 911. When she looked outside, the house behind her was levelled.

"They had a motorhome parked behind that house, and it’s gone too. And the garage is gone. The fence we built two years ago is gone," said Carroll.

"I just hope nobody got hurt."

The city said it was unclear if anyone was in the home that was destroyed. No injuries had been reported by the afternoon.

"We've had a significant, catastrophic explosion of a residence,” Deputy Chief Scott Wilkinson with Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service told reporters.

"There are a few homes that will not be occupiable at the end of this."

Crews were able to get nearby fires under control and remained on the scene throughout the day.

The cause of the explosion was under investigation.

Some homeowners in the quiet, residential area were asked to leave, while others were told to shelter in place.

Crews searched the damaged homes but found no occupants. The city said one dog was rescued.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 26, 2024.

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