Firefighters in Australia rescue young boy trapped in toy claw machine

Firefighters in Australia were called to free a boy who was trapped in a toy claw machine. Photo from Facebook

Firefighters in Australia were called out for an unusual rescue this week involving a child trapped in toy claw machine.

When they arrived at an establishment in the suburb of Riverstone, crews were directed to a claw machine — the ones that seem nearly impossible to win. Inside it was a young boy, who despite being in a small, confined space, did not appear to be bothered. In fact, he was happily playing with several plush animals.

“The young boy was not distressed and was having the time of his life playing with all the toys,” a representative from the fire hall wrote on their Facebook page.

The firefighters chatted with the boy and reassured him that he would be safe, while they attempted to open the machine’s door.

Crews used a “Rapid Intervention Kit and some careful manipulation techniques” in order to pry the door open and free the boy. Photos posted on Facebook show the child’s back pressed up against the machine’s glass side, which has an “Out of Order” sign stuck to it.

After he was rescued, the boy was described as “very happy” and was quickly reunited with his very relieved parents.