First Nations demanding a cut of cannabis tax after pot legalization

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    Here's a thought; Instead of receiving a portion of the tax revenue, make it a tax credit that helps offset the taxes they pay...err, never mind.
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    Aren't Reserves tax free?
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    if I ran the govt, no one would get special treatment, everyone is equal so we must all pull our own weight. I guess Trudeau doesn't believe in equality though
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    So they don't want to pay taxes but demand to collect them? Wow time to cut ties!
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    And what would they do with '' More '" money?
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    My goodnes, they sure have long arms when reaching out for free money.
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    Do they want that cut in cash or pills?
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    The indians want part of tax money collected? are you serious? Talk about wanting the best of both worlds. No wonder they are not looked on in a positive light by most people.
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    It seems the ones who are always collecting, are always demanding more.
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    Of course they are. Its a no brainer.
    Remember they own the sun, the wind, the water and the seeds. In fact, they should just get everything.
    The paltry 4 billion we hand them isn't enough by any stretch. These pillars of the community deserve so much more. I'll try and get that second job at night to help make ends meet for our "citizens of the year"......