First Nations demanding a cut of cannabis tax after pot legalization

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    Here's a thought; Instead of receiving a portion of the tax revenue, make it a tax credit that helps offset the taxes they pay...err, never mind.
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    Aren't Reserves tax free?
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    if I ran the govt, no one would get special treatment, everyone is equal so we must all pull our own weight. I guess Trudeau doesn't believe in equality though
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    So they don't want to pay taxes but demand to collect them? Wow time to cut ties!
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    And what would they do with '' More '" money?
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    My goodnes, they sure have long arms when reaching out for free money.
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    Do they want that cut in cash or pills?
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    The indians want part of tax money collected? are you serious? Talk about wanting the best of both worlds. No wonder they are not looked on in a positive light by most people.
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    It seems the ones who are always collecting, are always demanding more.
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    Bobby B
    When these Aboriginals living on Reserves pay taxes and contribute, then and only then consider giving them a share.