Fish with white only? It’s time to toss out myths on wines, Modesto columnist says

Are you ready to face facts? Are you ready to toss wine myths into the dump bucket and move on with your life? Don’t we just want to enjoy the right wine, right here, right now? Here’s my list of wine myths. if you think of any more dumb myths that we should dump, clue me in.

Myth No. 1: All rose is sweet

The White Zinfandel craze in the 1980s that converted the wine cooler fans to wine fans also made many consumers believe that all pink wine was sweet. Wrong! Real rose is dry and delicious with food. It is the beverage of choice in the summer months in southern Europe.

Myth No. 2: Screw caps are for cheap wines

We’re not talking about Night Train or Thunderbird here. We’re talking about quality closures for quality wines. Screw caps are the best seal for wine. Easy to open, no broken corks or gadgets needed. You can reseal the wine to save any leftover wine, or so I’m told.

Myth No. 3: Red wine with meat, white wine with fish

Sure, this is the fail-safe equation … but would you match a full blown-oaky-rich-buttery Chardonnay with a delicate dover sole? Would you pair a big young tannic Cabernet Sauvignon with veal marsala? I don’t think so. Light reds like Pinot Noir or Beaujolais can work with seafood (salmon) and Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurtztraminer and dry roses work well with light or cured meats.

Myth No. 4: Pinot Noir good, merlot bad

The movie “Sideways” is directly responsible for this myth. Miles’ love for Pinot Noir increased the demand, pushing up the price. Trying to cash in, many wineries flooded the market with weak, thin, schlocky and expensive Pinots. Merlot did take a dive but now they’re a great value, especially compared to $$$ Cabernets.

Myth No. 5 The more expensive the wine, the better the wine

I have to admit I spent $25(!!!) in a tasting of six 1974 Napa Cabernets in 1976 just after all the hype of the Paris tasting. I had to break into my piggy bank. It was great! My epiphany wine was a 1987 Caymus Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon. But we had to share it with our wine club partners! So yes, they’re good but many are way overpriced and over rated. The issue is affordability. I would rather have five bottles of sparkling Mumm’s than one of Veuve Cliquot Champagne. Insert your dump bucket bound wine myths here..……!!

Lodi region No. 1 takes five Best of California awards

The 2024 California Commercial Wine Competition results are in. I noticed Region No. 1 did very well. Best of California Awards went to Acquiesce Winery and Vineyard’s 2022 Double Gold, 99 points, Bourboulenc and the 2023 Double Gold, 99 points, Grenache Rose, both from the Mokelumne River appellation. The next three Best of California Awards were from the San Joaquin Appellation. They are Macchia’s 2022 Double Gold, 99 points, Outrageous Zinfandel, St. Amant Winery’s 2022 Double Gold, 98 points, Petite Sirah and Oak Farm Vineyard’s 2021 Double Gold Sangiovese. Also, the Best Value Wine in the competition went to Lodi’s Collier Creek’s 2021 Double Gold, 98 points, Merlot. Well done Lodi!

What’s on our table

Here’s another outstanding rose from the Grocery Outlet. The 2022 Terra Nostra CORSE from Corsica is 100% Sciaccarellu. Yes, I need to do some research. I bought one and I am going back for more. Just $5.99 and a delicious steal! Cheers!

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