Georgia man found dead on shore of MS Coast island, Harrison County sheriff says

Fisherman discovered a dead man along the shore of Cat Island, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday.

Deputy Coroner Ben Bentz identified the man as Willie Hall, 47, of Georgia.

Authorities found the man Thursday afternoon on the southeast side of the island, Deputy Hanna Hendry said.

He was wearing long gray pants, boots, a white shirt and jean jacket, the sheriff’s office said.

His cause of death is unknown. An autopsy Friday morning showed no signs of foul play, Bentz said.

Authorities found no sign of a boat in the area, Bentz said. He said authorities are working to determine Hall’s time of death and do not know how long his body had been on the shoreline.

Hall’s body was transported to the State Crime Lab, authorities said.

Authorities asked anyone with information to call the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office at 228-897-1364.

This is a developing story and may be updated.