Ford Mustang GTD applications are now being accepted, Americans (and Canadians)

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Wealthy Ford fans and fans of motorsport-inspired cars have surely been itching for this day to come, and come it has: It's time to submit applications to buy a 2025 Ford Mustang GTD. There are some caveats, with the largest being that only applications from U.S. and Canadian buyers are being accepted starting today. If you're in Mexico, Europe or the Middle East, you'll have to wait for a chance in June.

Beyond that, an application probably won't guarantee you a car. Ford didn't give any new details about what exactly is asked of applicants, or even where to submit an application. But the company previously said the process will be similar to that with the Ford GT. Based on that, we're expecting Ford will be looking for people who will drive the vehicle, get it out in the public eye, and generally be an "ambassador" of sorts for the car and the brand. So your chances will probably be worse if you're just going to sock it away in a private garage and never put miles on it. We also wouldn't be surprised if there are stipulations on how soon you can resell the vehicle, in order to avoid owners flipping cars for profit.

Then of course, there's the price. The Mustang GTD costs about $300,000 (Ford still doesn't have an exact price tag, yet). But for most applicants, that's likely the smallest hurdle to get past. And you are basically getting a Mustang GT3 race car for the road. It's built at Multimatic, where the race cars are built; it has the race car aerodynamics; it has the race car suspension and cooling systems that fill up the cargo space. One of the few differences is that it will use a version of the supercharged 5.2-liter V8 from the GT500, rather than the naturally aspirated 5.4-liter race car engine. And Ford is aiming for around 800 horsepower from the supercharged engine. It's an absolute monster, one that only a few will get to experience.

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