Formula 1 2022 - Race Sundays - Race #16 - Temple of Speed - Post Race Recap and Topps Chrome Break

Welcome to our second show covering post race results and discussion. Today we will recap the temple of speed AKA Monza for both F1 and F2. It was a very interesting turn of events this week. First and foremost a get well soon #alexalbon , and we see the debut of a future star in F1. The race definitely had a few ups and downs. The finish was kinda atrocious. I got some packs as well, so we will be breaking some Topps Turbo Attax and I have 1 pack of 2020 Topps Chrome. We will do our best to commentate on the drivers we get. This commentary is purely for fun, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. We would love to hear your input about what you thought about the race as well as the interesting turn of events.