It's Friday the 13th! Let's take a look at some weather phobias

 It's Friday the 13th! Let's take a look at some weather phobias
It's Friday the 13th! Let's take a look at some weather phobias

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Canada is home to a lot of different weather patterns. And for some, that can be fear-inducing.

Since today is Friday the 13th, we thought it would be fitting to look at some common weather phobias.

1. Nephophobia: a fear of clouds

Kyle Brittian - clouds
Kyle Brittian - clouds

Courtesy: Kyle Brittain.

Prince Rupert, B.C. is said to be one of the cloudiest places in Canada, with only about 250 hours of sunshine per year. The weather conditions also make it a prime spot for rainbows. This brings us to...

2. Iridophobia: a fear of rainbows

As mentioned above, you may want to avoid Prince Rupert if you suffer from this. People who fear rainbows are often afraid of the northern lights as well, which are visible about 240 nights out of the year in the Northwest Territories.

3. Ombrophobia: a fear of the rain

Not a fan of stormy weather? We have to flag Prince Rupert again, because it is one of the wettest cities in Canada, with about 166 rainy days annually.

4. Chionophobia: a fear of snow

People with a fear of snow may want to avoid northern Canada, which typically receives the largest snowfall amounts.

While most of Canada is susceptible to harsh winter storms, Atlantic Canada frequently bears the brunt of vicious nor'easters.

5. Ancraophobia: a fear of the wind

The sound of wind rattling windows or causing doors to slam shut can startle even the most stoic among us, but people who are deeply afraid of the wind suffer from ancraophobia. As for the windiest place in Canada? That would be Calgary, Alberta, which is the windiest large city in the country.

6. Homichlophobia: a fear of the fog

UGC - Clinton Johnson - Foggy bc
UGC - Clinton Johnson - Foggy bc

File photo. (Clinton Johnson).

Now thick fog on a dark night is so universally unsettling that it’s become a standard trope in spooky movies. But people who are really terrified of it suffer from homichlophobia.

The 2015 Guinness Book of World Records cites the Grand Banks of Newfoundland as not only the foggiest place in Canada but the foggiest place on the planet.

7. Heliophobia: a fear of the sun



Alberta is a sunny place, and Calgary is one of the sunniest communities in the country. That's a dream for farmers and gardeners, but it might be a place to avoid if the sun makes you uncomfortable.

8. Thermophobia: a fear of the heat

For some of us, the temperature is unsettling.

Canada set a few heat records in 2021, with Lytton, B.C. seeing the country's highest recorded temperature on June 29, at 49.6 degrees.

It happened during a three-day heat event which saw consecutive records, surpassing a previous high that had been in place since the 1940s.

See a recap of the heat here:

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9. Frigophobia: a fear of the cold

If you have this condition, strike Eureka, Nunavut from your travel plans. This is one of the coldest places in Canada, with an annual mean temperature of −18.8 °C.

_10. Astraphobia: a fear of thunder and lightning

Toronto lightning Yijie Lu UGC
Toronto lightning Yijie Lu UGC

File photo (Yijie Lu)

Astraphobia can affect people of all ages, but it is most common in children. It isn’t exclusive to humans, though. Some animals are spooked by thunder and lightning as well.

11. Lilapsophobia - A fear of tornadoes and hurricanes

People who survive a traumatic weather event like a hurricane or tornado are sometimes advised to speak to a professional to talk about the experience and potentially avoid a future case of lilapsophobia.

With files from Jen Bartram.