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These 'Amazon's Choice' fruit fly traps have 7,500 reviews — and they're on sale

fruit fly traps from amazon canada in potted plant with yellow pot and hanging pots with gnat and fruit fly traps
Right now, Amazon shoppers can save 27 per cent on these "very effective" fruit fly traps (Photos via Amazon)

While Amazon Canada is known as a one-stop shop for tech, fashion and beauty deals, the retailer is also home to thousands of unique and affordable home and garden gadgets.

One product worth highlighting is this 24-pack of "gross but awesome" fruit fly traps. With an "Amazon's Choice" title and 5,500+ five-star reviews, shoppers say these non-toxic traps are "very effective" at trapping fruit flies, mosquitoes and gnats, and right now, they're on sale.

Read on to discover why shoppers give the traps an "A+++" and take advantage of their limited-time sale price.

Save 27%: USKICH 24-piece Fruit Fly Sticky Traps

USKICH 24-piece Fruit Fly Sticky Traps (Photo via Amazon)
USKICH 24-piece Fruit Fly Sticky Traps (Photo via Amazon)

$12 $16 at Amazon

The details

Protect your plants from pesky gnats, fruit flies and other small insects with these "Amazon's Choice" bug traps. The double-sided insect traps use two different colours and high-quality glue to bait and trap insects.

The traps work particularly well for potted plants but can be used both indoors and outdoors in a range of settings. They are non-toxic, UV-resistant, and waterproof and effective against several insects, including fruit flies, mosquitoes, fungi, whiteflies, aphids and miner flies.

'My plants are bug-free'

Amazon shoppers say the USKICH sticky traps are "very effective" and have awarded the product an average rating of 4.3 stars out of more than 7,500 reviews.

Reviewers say they work "immediately" and give top grades for adhesion and ease of use.

According to one shopper, they're "so incredibly easy" to use. Before and after using the traps is like "night and day," they write. They're "very effective at trapping flying pests."

"I had a very bad fungus gnats infestation," writes another eviewer. However, after combining neem oil, mosquito bits and the fruit fly traps, "my plants are bug-free" and look "super healthy." It's an "awesome" product; "A+++."

USKICH 24-piece Fruit Fly Sticky Traps (Photo via Amazon)
USKICH 24-piece Fruit Fly Sticky Traps (Photo via Amazon)

$12 $16 at Amazon

'Gross and awesome'

They're "gross and awesome," says a third shopper.

"I stuck the traps in the soil in the morning" and had to replace them by the evening as they were "covered with dead gnats [and] fruit flies."

While the sticky traps have earned more than 5,500 five-star reviews, several shoppers mention the stake portion is "flimsy" and recommend using them in "soft" soil.

They "can be a pain if the soil's not worked before," according to one user.

The verdict

If pesky fruit flies, gnats, and other flying insects are hampering your dreams of a garden oasis, USKICH's fruit fly traps may be worth checking out. Dubbed a "very effective" insect control method by shoppers, the non-toxic bug traps have earned more than 5,500 five-star reviews and an "Amazon's Choice" title. However, some users mention they can be flimsy, something to keep in mind when placing your order.

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