The Galaxy Watch Ultra may have one of the best smartwatch displays ever

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra with a square dial leaked render.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra with a square dial leaked render.

The anticipated launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra — along with the company’s rumored Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Buds 3, Z Fold 6, and Z Flip 6 — is just weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped leaks from continuing to trickle in. The latest comes from kro_roe on X (formerly Twitter) and claims that the Galaxy Watch Ultra is expected to feature an anti-reflective coating on its display.

If this rumor is true, the Galaxy Watch Ultra would likely be using the same Gorilla Armor sapphire crystal display that Samsung developed in partnership with Corning. To give you a frame of reference, that’s the same type of panel boasted by the Galaxy S24 Ultra. When Digital Trends looked at the screen, we noted that in addition to being a fantastic display, it was a big quality-of-life improvement.

“Going beyond the arbitrary numbers, the reduction in reflectance is one of the biggest improvements in the Galaxy S24 Ultra, in my opinion,” DT’s Prakhar Khanna said. “In my time with the device, the lowered reflectance has enhanced my reading and content consumption experience – both indoors and outdoors.” Notably, the Galaxy Watch Ultra is expected to boast an impressive 3,000 nits of peak brightness, ensuring a clear view in any lighting condition.

For overall design, we expect the Galaxy Watch Ultra to have a 47mm case, a circular dial, and an orange rotating crown button on the side.

A close-up of a Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra render.
Galaxy Watch Ultra render Tim Tom 0 / X

With the Galaxy Watch Ultra, Samsung seems to be pulling out all the stops. The anti-reflective coating promises reduced reflectiveness and enhanced visibility, even under direct sunlight. The display quality is top-notch, with superior colors and hues. And the added durability is a great bonus for a device that’s always on your wrist. The watch as a whole is expected to come with 10ATM and IP58 water and dust resistance, as well as MIL-STD certification, meaning it has survived a battery of lab tests.

Previous leaks of the Watch Ultra have revealed that it’ll be powered by an Exynos 3nm processor and have a 590mAh battery under the hood. With Samsung’s next event expected to take place on July 10 in Paris, there isn’t much left to discover about the Galaxy Watch Ultra, aside from the price, which may be one of the key factors that determines how well the Galaxy Watch Ultra sells compared with competitors like the Apple Watch Ultra 2.