Who won the 2024 general election? Check the results by constituency

Labour has won the 2024 election. But who is your local MP?

A map of the UK alongside the words 'Election 2024 results'
Keir Starmer is the new prime minister after winning a historic landslide.

The Labour Party has won the 2024 UK general election with new prime minister Sir Keir Starmer getting a huge majority.

The result is the Conservative Party's worst-ever at a general election, with hundreds of blue constituencies switching allegiance – forcing Rishi Sunak to quit as Tory leader.

The Lib Dems have picked up dozens of seats to become the third biggest party, leapfrogging the SNP, which lost nearly 40 seats in Scotland.

Nigel Farage finally became an MP at the eighth time of asking, with Reform UK claiming five MPs in total – less than a third of their predicted haul in the exit poll.

The Greens also had a good campaign, clinching a record four seats, while the number of independent MPs sitting in the House of Commons is now the highest number since 1950 at six.

But what does this mean for your local constituency? Who's in and who's out?

Use the interactive map below to explore the results in each constituency.

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