Gentle German Shepherd Puts Young Boy To Bed And It's Too Adorable

So the man’s best friend line tends to be overused but this is no shaggy dog story.

This incredible pair are certainly the cosiest of companions – a sweet young boy and his German Shepherd pal.

Alexander is helped by Baron the pooch, as he prepares to go to sleep.

Adorable footage shows clever Baron tidying away toy cars with the lad, picking them up in his mouth and putting them into a box.

Then they both kneel beside the bed for prayers together, before Baron tucks Alexander in – using his mouth to gently pull the duvet over him.

It’s story time next, as well-behaved Baron quietly sits on top of the Disney Cars bed cover to hear the boy read. It’s obviously a favourite tail!

Then the beloved pet covers the youngster’s face in goodnight kisses, as he giggles happily.

After all the snuggles and licks are over, Baron bounces over to the light to flick the switch off with his paw. Amazing.

Who knew bed times could be so much fun?