Georgia RB who knocked down sideline reporter uses opportunity to try and score a date

Prather Hudson tried to get a date with Laura Rutledge. (Rutledge photo via Getty, Hudson photo via AP)

Some couples have the best stories about how they met. Maybe it was a chance encounter at a bookstore. Maybe it was a high school crush. Maybe they met online.

Georgia Bulldogs running back Prather Hudson tried to write his own story Monday. Hudson was the Georgia player responsible for running into sideline reporter Laura Rutledge during Saturday’s game. The sophomore used his newfound fame to try and use that opportunity to take Rutledge on a date.

Excuse us for mixing sports metaphors here, but shoot your shot, as the kids say.

Unfortunately, that might not work out too well for Hudson. Rutledge responded to his offer, but it doesn’t sound like a date is imminent.

That response led to Hudson taking a beating in his Twitter mentions.

Running into and knocking over your future wife at a football game isn’t the most touching start to a relationship, but it’s still a better story than the ending of “How I Met Your Mother.”

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