'The Golden Bachelorette' has its new lead in Joan Vassos. Here's everything to know about the inaugural season.

Joan on "The Golden Bachelor."
Joan Vassos on "The Golden Bachelor."ABC/Ricky Middlesworth
  • After the success of "The Golden Bachelor," a "Golden Bachelorette" spinoff is in the works.

  • Season one of "The Golden Bachelorette," starring Joan Vassos, premieres on ABC this fall.

  • Here's what we know about the potential cast and release date.

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner won hearts across the country with his genuine and kindhearted approach to finding love, and fans of "The Golden Bachelor" will watch a woman in her golden years embark on the same experience.

Following the success of "The Golden Bachelor," a spin-off series called "The Golden Bachelorette" is officially in the works. The news was announced at Disney's Television Critics Association Press Tour in February.

This wasn't a huge surprise for fans in the know. In recent months, numerous figures close to "The Golden Bachelor" — including franchise host Jesse Palmer and Gerry himself — have expressed support for "The Golden Bachelorette." On Tuesday, during Disney's Upfront presentation, "The Golden Bachelor" contestant Joan Vassos was announced as the first-ever Golden Bachelorette.

Here's what we know about the inaugural season of "The Golden Bachelorette," so far.

Joan Vassos was announced as the lead of season 1 of 'The Golden Bachelorette,' but the rest of the cast hasn't been announced yet

Joan, in a pink strapless gown, and Gerry, in a tuxedo, on "The Golden Bachelor."
Joan and Gerry on "The Golden Bachelor."ABC/Craig Sjodin

ABC announced Vassos' casting during Disney's Upfront presentation on Tuesday.

Vassos previously appeared on "The Golden Bachelor" but left during week three — the same week as her first one-on-one date with Turner — after learning her daughter was experiencing postpartum depression at home.

In an interview with Business Insider in November, Vassos said that she was open to being the Golden Bachelorette.

As for the men who will be vying for Joan's heart, they have yet to be announced. Season 28 of "The Bachelor" featured ads encouraging senior men to apply for "The Golden Bachelorette" and a live casting event was recently held in Palm Springs, California.

'The Golden Bachelorette' premieres on ABC this fall

The women of "The Golden Bachelor" sit on the stage during the "Women Tell All" special smiling and clapping.
The women of Gerry Turner's season of "The Golden Bachelor."Disney/John Fleenor

Longtime Bachelor Nation blogger Reality Steve reported that filming begins in June.

ABC has already confirmed that "The Golden Bachelorette" premieres in the fall, but the exact date hasn't been announced yet.

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