Giada De Laurentiis Goes on a Quest to Find Italian Women Who Make Orecchiette by Hand in Bari

Giada DeLaurentiis Italy
Giada DeLaurentiis Italy

Giada DeLaurentiis/Instagram

Giada De Laurentiis just proved she can fulfill any pasta challenge — in and out of the kitchen.

The Food Network star, 51, who is currently traveling through Italy with boyfriend Shane Farley, 50, daughter Jade, 14, and other family members, just made her most recent stop in Bari. The city in southern Italy is known for being home to the grandmothers who make handmade orecchiette pasta in the coastal town's alleyways. Naturally, De Laurentiis set out to find the popular pasta makers while on her visit.

In an Instagram Reel, she took followers on her quest to find the women. "Dream day- making orecchiette in Bari w/ the women who do it best!" she captioned the post.

The video starts with the Italian-born chef walking the streets of Bari with Jade. "I'm in search of the ladies that make the orecchiette on the streets of Bari by hand," she said. "They do it on the street somewhere and I want to buy some if I can find them. So that's what I'm in search for."

She points to narrow, covered alleyways and streets as Tony Dallara's "Come prima" plays in the background.

The master Italian chef finally finds one of the pasta makers as she walks over to a woman shaping the "little ears" at a modest table. "I am so excited. I found the lady!" De Laurentiis said.

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Giada DeLaurentiis Italy
Giada DeLaurentiis Italy

Giada DeLaurentiis/Instagram

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Greeting the woman, De Laurentiis speaks Italian and even sits down at the table to give it a try herself. The woman guides her as she shapes the orecchiette and even hollers cheers of "Brava!" and applause. She closes out the Italian culinary adventure by sharing snapshots of the process, including a photo of when she got her own bag of pasta to take with her.

On her Instagram Story, De Laurentiis also shared a recipe for handmade orecchiette written on wood drilled into the street walls. Key ingredients read semolina flour, water, salt and "hard work with love."

De Laurentiis has been keeping fans updated on her crew's adventures during their Italian getaway with frequent social media posts of their expansive food spreads and fun water activities.

Earlier this month, Farley posted an Instagram photo of the pair, who have been dating for over six years. In the sweet snapshot, the two are posing together on a boat. The TV producer did not include a caption with his Instagram post, but he did tag the location as Castro, la Perla del Salento.

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It seems like the group enjoyed plenty of boating and water activities. In a video shared on the De Laurentiis's Instagram Story, she is driving a boat with a big grin on her face as she waves to the camera.

Of course, the foodie has been eating well on her trip. In one image on her Instagram Story, De Laurentiis wrote, "Lunch on the boat," alongside an image of sandwich supplies like bread, ham, lettuce, tomato salad with basil, olives and mozzarella. She also posted an Instagram Story, featuring a pasta dish with the caption, "Dinner crisis averted" and "Orecchiette 10/10."