Gogglebox stars have epic Michael Sheen / Mr Bean mix-up

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Gogglebox air epic Michael Sheen / Mr Bean mix-upLime Pictures

Gogglebox spoilers follow.

Friday's (April 12) episode of Gogglebox saw Georgia Bell hilariously mistake Michael Sheen for Mr Bean.

As the cast watched Sheen's new BBC special The Assembly, the Newcastle-based star asked whether the actor had played the iconic character.

"Was he Mr Bean?" said Georgia, to which her friend Abbie Lynn replied: "No!"

"Who is he then?" Georgia then asked, with Abbie answering: "Michael Sheen. He doesn't look like Mr Bean."

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Georgia then enquired: "Do you know who he is?" before Abbie said: "Mr Bean?"

Georgia clarified that she meant Michael Sheen, with Abbie hilariously replying: "No. But I know he's not Mr Bean."

The show's viewers were quick to share their reactions to the mix-up on X (formerly Twitter). "Mr bean omfg seriously?" one person wrote, alongside laughing emojis.

"Mr Bean, what?!" another added, while a third viewer said: "Michael Sheen, Mr Bean. You've got to have a system."

a couple of women sitting on a couch
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As The Assembly continued, Sheen was interviewed by a group of 35 people who were neurodivergent, autistic, or had learning disabilities — with no subjects off limits.

"It's not going to be as easy as a Graham Norton Show interview for him," said Sean Malone, with his mum Julie agreeing: "Definitely not."

The insightful show saw Sheen discuss his former crush on Duran Duran guitarist John Taylor, his relationship with his partner Anna and his favourite Disney film.

Tonight's instalment of Gogglebox also saw the professional TV watchers react to the latest episode of Race Across the World, Celebrity Bridge of Lies, MasterChef, Hunted, The Apprentice and Andrew Scott's new Netflix series Ripley.

Gogglebox airs and streams on Friday nights at 9pm on Channel 4.

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