The Good Doctor cast reacts to shock death of fan favourite character

The stars of The Good Doctor have spoken out about the shocking death of one of the series’ major characters during its final season.

The ABC medical drama centres on Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), a gifted doctor with autism, and his colleagues at a San Jose hospital. After launching in 2017, the show will conclude with its seventh season later this year.

In the most recent episode, viewers were left stunned when a series regular met an untimely death.

Spoilers to follow – you have been warned!

Dr Asher Wolke, played by Noah Galvin, was killed in an antisemitic and homophobic attack in season seven’s fifth episode, “Who At Peace”, which aired on Tuesday (2 April).

On Wednesday (3 April), the TV and musical theatre star reacted to his shocking exit from the show with a series of photos from the set.

“I spent the last four years in Vancouver working away from my fiancee and dog and family,” Galvin’s caption began. “It was hard but these people made it really worth it. I love you @thegooddoctorabc thank you for everything!!”

Alongside shocked fans, Galvin’s castmates took the opportunity to share their well wishes in the comments section.

Kayla Cromer, who joined the show in its final season as Dr Charlie Lukatis, replied to Galvin’s post, with a tribute saying, “I’m so glad that I had an opportunity to meet you and work with you! [You’re] amazing!”

Similarly, Bria Samoné who plays Dr Jordan Allen on the show, wrote “I love you deep”, while Christina Chang, the actor behind chief of staff Dr Audrey Lim, added: “Lerve you.”

The Good Doctor - Noah  Galvin as Dr Asher Wolke directly before a fatal attack (YouTube / ABC)
The Good Doctor - Noah Galvin as Dr Asher Wolke directly before a fatal attack (YouTube / ABC)

Asher’s death came after he took part in a patient’s wedding and drove the rabbi back home. When they discovered that the synagogue was being vandalised on their arrival, Asher told the offenders to leave.

“What do you care?” the first vandal asked, to which Asher replied: “I am a Jew. A gay one, in fact, and I’m calling the cops.”

After initially leaving the scene with everything seemingly resolved, the thugs returned and struck Asher’s head with a fatal blow.

Asher first appeared in season three of the programme and has been a significant part of the show’s fabric ever since.

Notably, he’d recently reconnected with Judaism after previously struggling to reconcile his religious views with his sexuality.

Tragically, Asher’s boyfriend nurse Jerome Martel (played by Giacomo Baessato), is later seen waiting for him at a nearby restaurant where he planned to propose as a surprise on their second anniversary.

The Good Doctor airs on ABC on Tuesday evenings in the US.