Gordon Ramsay shocks TV crowd, host with blender accident prank

Screenshots from The Nightly Show/YouTube.

Gordon Ramsay is known for many things, but playing practical jokes isn’t one of them.

All that changed this week when the British celebrity chef cooked up a trick that left a television audience in shambles.

In a video published Monday to YouTube, Ramsay makes an appearance as the latest host of ITV’s The Nightly Show, which launched last month in the U.K. and features a different host each week.

The chef planned to make a fresh fruit smoothie for British comedian Frank Skinner before things began to unravel, paving the way for the gruesome prank.

[WARNING: The following video contains profanity]

Ramsay walks over to his TV kitchen and Skinner takes a seat on the stool beside it. The chef offers to make the comedian “something decent” and begins to whip up the ingredients for a smoothie.

After a few awkward moments where the chef complains about the shoddy kitchen setup he’s dealing with, Ramsay walks backstage and talks directly into the camera.

“Guess what? I’m playing a trick on the audience and Frank and you guys are in on it. But just watch very carefully because they’ve got no idea what I’m about to do.”

Ramsay comes back on stage with an assistant and sticks his hand inside the blender in an attempt to get it to work properly. This is when his acting skills are put to the test.

He looks at his assistant and tells him repeatedly to “hold on” and “wait” before the blender begins to run with his hand still inside. The audience screams in horror as Ramsay hits the floor and fake blood goes flying.

A man can be heard calling for first aid as Ramsay drops a few curse words groaning in agony.

“Some of you think this is a joke,” Skinner tells the audience. “Not if you’re sitting where I’m sitting.”

After a few tense moments, Ramsay pops up and reveals it was all a prank.

“Got you and got you,” he says, pointing to the crowd and Skinner.

“Obviously, do not put your hand in a blender,” the chef tells the crowd that erupts in cheers after finding out it had all been a hoax.