The gorgeous 85-inch Samsung QN90C QLED TV is $2,600 off

The Samsung QN90C ron a media stand with white speakers.
Zeke Jones / Digital Trends

If you want one of our most highly recommended TVs for over 50% off, today’s deal is your rare chance. An 85-inch version of the Samsung QN90C Neo QLED will cost you just $2,200 today. That’s a discount of $2,600, down from its usual $4,800 price tag. This is one of those really rare TV deals that hits all three sides of the “interesting deals triangle” — relatively new product (2023), great product, and deeply discounted. With most deals, you can only fill in two sides of triangle and you’re often lucky to just get one. So be sure to check out this deal while it is still around by tapping the button below. Or, keep reading to see our experiences with the Samsung QN90C Neo QLED and see where it fits on our charts.


Why you should buy the Samsung QN90C Neo QLED

The Samsung QN90C Neo QLED bills itself as a brilliantly detailed TV with over 8 million pixels, a full mini LED backlighting panel for expertise in contrast, vivid HDR+ coloration, and an anti-glare screen with superior viewing angles. But manufacturers tend to highlight the best details. What about our review? Our Samsung QN90C Neo QLED review (please note that it was done on a 65-inch version of the TV when you see the lower MSRP) essentially says that the manufacturers made no bluffs. Prior iterations, it is noted, of Samsung anti-glare TVs had unfortunate viewing angles, but this version changed the formula around to great success.

To highlight just how much these features have made the Samsung QN90C Neo QLED shine, take a look at our listing of the best QLED TVs. You’ll see this very TV at the top of the list, for many of the same reasons above, as well as for its ability to quickly and promptly upscale content to 4K for crisp, clean viewing, via its Samsung processor.

Agree with our reviewers and experts on this TV? Now is the time to buy. Tap the button below to find the Samsung QN90C Neo QLED at just $2,200. Again, that’s $2,600 off of the usual $4,800 the 85-inch Samsung QN90C Neo QLED would otherwise cost you. Want a second opinion? Check out our complete listing of QLED TV deals. You won’t find a better TV than this, but you might find a cheaper one that you still like.