If You Got the Weird '1 1' Text from Samsung Last Night, Here's Why

Courtney Linder
Photo credit: Twitter/AndroidPolice

From Popular Mechanics

  • Last night, Samsung Galaxy users were hit with a strange notification from the company's "Find My Mobile" app.
  • All the alert said was "1" with another "1" beneath, prompting mass confusion.
  • Samsung U.K. has tweeted out that this was a testing error. We'll update this story as we learn more.

Samsung Galaxy owners awoke to a curious notification in the middle of the night on Thursday. Samsung's "Find My Mobile" app, which comes pre-installed on devices like the foldable Galaxy Z Flip, the Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy Note 10, popped up with a weird message that only said "1" with another "1" right underneath the subject.

If you tapped on the notification, nothing really happened, as Twitter users reported this morning. Touching the message only made it disappear, perplexing people even more.

Even weirder: Many people also said the app was draining their battery at an unusual pace. One Galaxy owner, Alex Rhynold, tweeted that the app used 20 percent of his battery life. It's not clear if these issues are related, but Popular Mechanics has reached out to Samsung for clarification surrounding these issues. We'll update this story as soon as we learn more.

Find My Mobile is actually pretty useful, which is why this is a bit unusual. If you're a Galaxy owner, the app can help you track down your lost or stolen phone; lock down your phone, Samsung Pay, and the power button; ring your phone to help you locate it; and even back up your data through the cloud in the event you don't recover it.

The snafu appears to have merely been a testing error, according to a tweet from Samsung U.K. About three hours after users began noticing the error, the company wrote that the issue occurred on a "limited number" of Galaxy devices, though it looks like users from around the world have been impacted.

Naturally, it took no time for the memes to squeeze through the cracks.

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