Grease and grime among worst restaurant inspections in Horry, Georgetown counties

Multiple restaurants in Horry County received violations during recent health inspections, which included issues with grease and grime build-up in the kitchen area.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control inspects restaurants for health violations. As of April 10, 2024, the agency’s inspections were up to date.

These Horry County restaurants received the worst grades from SCDHEC recently.

Waccamaw Grocery

Location: 4283 Pee Dee Highway in Conway

Score: 84%

SCDHEC inspected Waccamaw Grocery April 2, 2024, and found several violations. The walls behind the pizza oven and fryers had grease build-up, according to the report.

Waccamaw Grocery also didn’t have testing equipment for its sanitizing solution that cleans kitchenware, according to the report.

SCDHEC also reported that sliced bologna, smoked sausage, shell eggs and other meats were not stored at proper holding temperatures while being prepared. SCDHEC found other violations during its initial inspection, but after a follow-up report April 10, 2024, it gave the grocery a 97% grade.

Burger King

Location: 408 E Main St. in Andrews

Grade: 85%

SCDHEC inspected the Andrews’ Burger King April 4, 2024, and found violations regarding cleanliness and lack of procedure regarding work-related accidents.

SCDHEC’s report found grease and grime build-up on the sides of the fryers and near the frying area. It also noted debris collecting under the warmers above the prep area and frying station.

SCDHEC also reported that the kitchenware washer did not have chlorine tests for its cleaning solution.

However, the eatery’s most consistent violation was its lack of procedures for dealing with hazards. According to SCDHEC’s report, Burger King didn’t follow the proper protocols for holding food and didn’t have a written procedure.

SCDHEC also found that the Andrews restaurant didn’t have a procedure for cleaning up vomit and diarrhea, among other violations.

SCDHEC’s report concluded that Burger King at 408 E Main St. must have an onsite, follow-up inspection within 10 days.