Great for browsing, this Dell laptop is discounted to $300

Someone using the Dell Inspiron 15 on their lap.

If you want a super cheap laptop with a full keyboard, surprisingly good Wi-Fi, and impressive storage you’re usually going to have a hard time finding one. But with this Dell Memorial Day deal you can easily. The Dell Inspiron 15 is usually $380, but has been marked down to $300 at this time, saving you $80. It’s stats are surprisingly good for the price and it could easily be one of the best Dell student laptops for the upcoming summer mini-term, should you be attending. Check it out yourself by tapping the button below or keep reading for our analysis.


Why you should buy the Dell Inspiron 15

When you want to evaluate cheap laptops, you should start with the stat line (RAM, storage, etc.) to see if it is stomacheable and then progress onto the finer details that make that laptop special. And, here, the base stat line is quite incredible for a work, study, or browser computer. It comes with a 12th Gen Intel Core i3 processor, Intel graphics, 8GB of RAM, and 512GB of SSD storage. You even get a 15.6 inch, 1080p at 120Hz anti-glare backlit screen. While it isn’t a touchscreen, comparing this mentally to tablets of a similar cost in terms of what you would expect is a useful mental exercise. The storage, while not super expansive, is above average in quality and should work nicely for a non-gaming laptop.

Next, we head over to the little hidden extras that make the Dell Inspiron 15 pop. First of all, check out the keyboard. It has an easy to miss feature that is at least mildly rare on a laptop: A numpad. While some like a tenkeyless layout to save space, if you use any kind of commands, need to enter data, or more, then the inclusion of a numpad makes this a winner. Next, note that this has Wi-Fi 6 capabilities. That means you can take advantage of modern day fast Wi-Fi speeds on your laptop, should you have a Wi-Fi 6 ready router, that is.

If you want to save $80 on the Dell Inspiron 15 laptop, bringing it down to $300 from its usual $380, you can do so by tapping the button below. Want more tech? Check out these Memorial Day Best Buy deals.