Your guide to summer movies 2024: From “Furiosa” to “Bad Boys 4”

See all the summer movie release dates in our handy calendar.

Ryan Reynolds. Hugh Jackman. Eddie Murphy. Anya Taylor-Joy. Chris Hemsworth. Scarlett Johansson. Channing Tatum. Will Smith. Glen Powell x three.

Those stars and so many more are lighting up summer with their movies, and Entertainment Weekly has your week-by-week guide to when they're all hitting theaters — plus some exclusive looks at what's in store.

There's truly something for everyone this season. From comedies like Ilana Glazer's hilarious look at female friendship and pregnancy, Babes, to dramatic offerings like Nick Jonas' The Good Half, to classic summer action-adventures like Deadpool & Wolverine, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, and A Quiet Place: Day One, to family-friendly fare like Garfield, no movie lover will be left behind.

Check out the dates below so you can start planning your schedules, and don't forget to click through the galleries below each month to see a selection of exclusive images.

<p>Disney; Netflix; Columbia Pictures; Warner Bros - Design: Alex Sandoval</p>

Disney; Netflix; Columbia Pictures; Warner Bros - Design: Alex Sandoval

May 10

Force of Nature: The Dry 2 (in theaters)
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes
(in theaters)
Living With the Leopards
My Ex-Friends Wedding
 (in theaters)
(in theaters)
We Grown Now
(in theaters)

May 17

Babes (limited release)
Back to Black
(in theaters)
The Blue Angels
(IMAX release; steams on Prime Video May 23)
I Saw the TV Glow
(wide release)
(in theaters)
The Strangers: Chapter 1
(in theaters)
Thelma the Unicorn

May 24

Atlas (Netflix)
The Beach Boys
Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga
(in theaters)
The Garfield Movie
(in theaters)
Hit Man
(select theaters)
The Keeper
(in theaters)

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May 31

Backspot (in theaters)
(in theaters)
Haikyu!! The Dumpster Battle
(in theaters)
In a Violent Nature
(in theaters)
Jim Henson: Idea Man
Protocol 7
(limited release)
Shadow Land
(select theaters; on digital June 4)
Young Woman and the Sea (in theaters)

June 7

Babes (wide theaters)
Bad Boys: Ride or Die
(in theaters)
Hit Man

June 12

Mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors (Netflix)

June 14

Bucky F---ing Dent (in theaters)
Firebrand (in theaters)
Inside Out 2
(in theaters)

(in theaters)
(in theaters)
Ultraman: Rising
The Watchers (in theaters)

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June 18

Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution (Netflix)

June 19

Black Barbie: A Documentary (Netflix)

June 21

The Bikeriders (in theaters)
Bread & Roses
(Apple TV+)
Fancy Dance
(Apple TV+)
Janet Planet
(limited release)
Kinds of Kindness
(in theaters)
She Rises Up
(in theaters)
(in theaters)
Trigger Warning
What Remains
(in theaters and on-demand)

June 25

Diane Von Furstenberg: Woman in Charge (Hulu)

June 28

Blue Lock The Movie (in theaters)
(in theaters)
A Family Affair
Horizon: An American Saga
(in theaters)
Janet Planet
(wide release)
Last Summer
(in theaters)
A Quiet Place: Day One
(in theaters)

July 3

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F (Netflix)
Despicable Me 4
(in theaters)

July 4

Kill (in theaters)
Space Cadet (Prime Video)

July 5

MaXXXine (in theaters)

July 11

Tyler Perry's Divorce in the Black (Prime Video)

July 12

Descendants: The Rise of Red (Disney+)
Fly Me to the Moon
(in theaters)
Longlegs (in theaters)
Sing Sing (limited release)

July 18

My Spy the Eternal City (Prime Video)

July 19

Find Me Falling (Netflix)
Transformers: High Moon
(in theaters)
Skywalkers: A Love Story
(in theaters)

July 23

The Good Half (in theaters via Fathom Events on July 23 and July 25)

July 26

Deadpool & Wolverine (in theaters)
The Fabulous Four (in theaters)

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Aug. 2

Cuckoo (in theaters)
Harold and the Purple Crayon
(in theaters)
I Used to Be Funny
(in theaters)
(in theaters)
The Instigators
(in select theaters)
Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie

Aug. 9

Borderlands (in theaters)
The Instigators (Apple TV+)
It Ends With Us
(in theaters)
Trap (in theaters)

Aug. 15

Jackpot (Prime Video)

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Aug. 14

Daughters (Netflix)

Aug. 16

Alien: Romulus (in theaters)
Close to You
(in theaters)
Horizon: An American Saga Chapter 2 
(in theaters)
The Union

Aug. 23

Between the Temples (in theaters)
Blink Twice
(formerly Pussy Island) (in theaters)
The Crow
(in theaters)

Sept. 5

Apollo 13: Survival (Netflix)

Sept. 6

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice (in theaters)

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