Gwyneth Paltrow remains sweatless and perfectly composed while eating spicy wings on ‘Hot Ones’

Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on Thursday’s episode of hot wing interview show “Hot Ones,” and naturally, her reaction to consuming the spicy wings was flawless.

The Oscar-winner and Goop founder admitted before she even took her first bite that she was already “full of regret” about participating in this interview concept, saying she likes a little spice in her food but that she didn’t feel “equipped” to be there.

She would quickly prove viewers, and herself, wrong.

Paltrow hardly even broke a sweat while discussing a wide range of topics while ingesting progressively spicier bites of wings, keeping her signature dewy glow fully intact.

Instead, she verbalized her internal struggle, jokingly telling the show’s host Sean Evans that she was losing his trust and that her “breathing is sort of an issue but I’m sure that’ll pass.”

Staying mostly physically composed around the halfway point, some of Paltrow’s answers to Evans’ questions did become a bit unhinged – like when he asked if it’s true that former President Bill Clinton fell asleep during a White House screening of her 1996 film “Emma.”

“He was snoring right in front of me. I was like, wow. I guess this is going to be a real hit movie,” she said, laughing. “But it was (a hit), so… f— you Bill Clinton!”

And when she bit into the wing fully sauced with the notoriously destructive, taste bud-ruining hot sauce appropriately branded as “Da Bomb,” she simply meditated her way through the sensation she described as “incredibly painful.”

“Wow,” the lifestyle mogul said, in her zen state. “The violation is intense.”

Namaste, Gwyneth.

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