The New Hair Icons: 12 Trending Cuts, Colors and Styles to Try This Fall

From microbobs to the ‘90s supermodel blowout, expect to see these trends everywhere

Celebrities showing off their fall hair looks
Celebrities showing off their fall hair looks

Fall hair trends are well on their way.

With celebrities at the helm, summer 2023 saw a shift toward soft, effortless styles and low maintenance color, and according to experts, this is set to continue as the new season approaches.

For haircuts, expect to see plenty of short chops, from microbobs to all-out pixie cuts. When it comes to color, there will be no shortage of statement-making shades, but the stars are opting for ones that will keep them out of the salon for longer.

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“As we enter the fall, I’ve noticed a rise in clients opting for hair colors that are more rich and full with less visible highlights,” celebrity hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos tells PEOPLE.

As for styling and accessories, we’ll continue to see the influence of the Barbiecore trend even after the temperature drops, says Meg Schipani, master colorist and Colorproof brand ambassador. The playful style  — which includes everything from hair ribbons to soft glam waves — has been wholeheartedly embraced not only by Margot Robbie but a slew of other celebrities.

“We are transitioning from spiky, sleek, ‘90s updos to softer Barbie-inspired glam styling,” Schipani explains.

Ahead, celebrity stylists and colorists share their top predictions for fall 2023 hair trends — from cuts to colors to accessories.

Fall 2023 Haircuts 


<p>Bryce Scarlett/Instagram</p> Carey Mulligan with a microbob haircut

Bryce Scarlett/Instagram

Carey Mulligan with a microbob haircut

After the recent influx of celebrity short hair transformations, it should come as no surprise that bob haircuts are set to continue into fall — and according to Giannetos, they’re going to get even shorter.

“The popularity of the microbob began to emerge from the 2023 Spring/Summer Fashion Week runway shows but this look has been around forever,” he says. “The look is classy, timeless and very easy to maintain.”

Giannetos himself has worked with a number of celebrities to create microbobs; Charli D’Amelio, Ciara and Kourtney Kardashian to name a few. To achieve the look at the salon, the stylist recommends bringing a photo of the exact length you’re looking for.

“A small tip I always suggest is if you have a shorter neck, you can go shorter with the hair length, which works to give the illusion of a longer neck,” he says.

Soft Curtain Bangs

<p>Keke Palmer/Instagram</p> Keke Palmer with curtain bangs

Keke Palmer/Instagram

Keke Palmer with curtain bangs

Curtain bangs have seen a recent resurgence since they were popularized in the 1970s, but in 2023, Schipani predicts people will take a softer approach to the trend. Case in point: Suki Waterhouse’s signature French-girl fringe, Camila Cabello’s recent romantic wavy style and Keke Palmer’s subtle swoops.

“Fringes tend to make an appearance in the fall and this year, instead of the more blunt choppy fringes and super layered ‘90s face frames, I think clients are leaning more towards a softer, romantic fringe with piecey face frames,” says the stylist.


<p>Kim Kimble/Instagram</p> Kerry Washington with a lob haircut

Kim Kimble/Instagram

Kerry Washington with a lob haircut

Beloved for its versatility, the “lob,” aka long bob, is a great way to refresh your look for fall without being too risky.

“Lobs are known for looking chic and modern while being easy to maintain, and they can be customized with various layers, and styling options,” says celebrity hairstylist and Colorproof brand ambassador David Cruz. “You can go with a clean base line if that's your style. Or, get it a bit choppier, allowing for more texture and movement.”

For a sleeker style, look to Kerry Washington’s glossy waved lob for inspiration; for something a bit edgier, check out Maya Hawke’s piecey, layered look.

To prevent your stylist from cutting your lob too short, Cruz recommends asking that your hair still be long enough to pull into a half-up, half-down style.

Pixie Cuts

<p>Laura Polko/Instagram</p> Dixie D'Amelio with a pixie haircut

Laura Polko/Instagram

Dixie D'Amelio with a pixie haircut

“Short hair is making a big comeback and majorly trending right now,” says Kim Kimble, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Kim Kimble. In addition to bobs, Kimble predicts that pixie cuts will be a major haircut trend this fall.

Dixie D’Amelio fully embraced the shorter look after debuting a buzzed cut last September. Since then, the singer has shown off a number of edgy pixie styles, from slicked bangs to tousled volume. Meanwhile, Tia Mowry recently underwent a “bittersweet” pixie chop to mark a new era following her divorce, and Kimble expects many more will follow suit.

Fall 2023 Hair Colors

Blended Tones

<p>Joey King/Instagram</p> Joey King's smokey blonde hair color

Joey King/Instagram

Joey King's smokey blonde hair color

The era of low-maintenance color is here. Sun-kissed balayage long reigned supreme, but Giannetos says the craze has given way to a renewed desire for blended, natural-looking hair color.

“As we enter the fall, I’ve noticed a rise in clients opting for hair colors that are more rich and full with less visible highlights,” he says. “Warm chocolate colors, rich champagne colors and peanut butter shades are taking over as the new sought after color.”

Joey King’s recent smokey blonde, courtesy of Giannetos, serves as a perfect example of the cozy hair colors that will be trending this fall.

To find the most flattering shade for your skin tone, the stylist recommends a personalized color match with a hair colorist.

“For minimal hair damage I recommend picking a shade only a few shades lighter than your natural hair color,” he says. “To really prevent hair damage I recommend using a hair mask immediately after dying the hair, Raw Sugar Living’s Leave-In Conditioner is a great option for a soft silky finish.”

Nude Blonde

<p>Dimitris Giannetos/Instagram</p> Gigi Hadid with nude blonde hair

Dimitris Giannetos/Instagram

Gigi Hadid with nude blonde hair

If you were transfixed by Margot Robbie’s creamy, perfectly blended blonde in the Barbie movie, you’re not alone. The shade, which has been dubbed by stylists as “nude blonde”, has also been seen on stars like Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence.

“T​​he nude blonde is a perfect transition from light, bright blonde to a more toned down fall version,” says celebrity colorist Rita Hazan.

If you’re after your very own Barbiecore makeover this fall, she suggests asking your colorist for a “creamy blonde with highlights to add dimension.”

Rich Reds

<p>Lacy Redway/instagram</p> Tessa Thompson with rich red hair

Lacy Redway/instagram

Tessa Thompson with rich red hair

With the help of celebrities like Tessa Thompson, Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, warm, copper tones have become exceedingly popular in the last couple of years. This fall, experts predict that the red hair trend will shift from vibrant to more muted shades — without sacrificing any richness.

“Red took off this summer and it’s an amazing color to bring into the fall with the warmth it delivers,” says Cruz. “A deeper, rich shade will transition nicely into the cooler months.”

Hazan expects that amber, a rich brown shade with yellow undertones, will be a big trend for the season. “For brunettes, an amber color is blissful because it's warm and rich, without the brassiness effect,” she explains.

“Smoky ginger,” a la Megan Fox’s latest shade, is also poised to be a popular request in salons. “Ginger tones are having a moment and last year we saw super vibrant finishes of this color,” says Schipani. “Going into the fall, a smokey, more muted ginger is on the rise and has been seen popping up all over.”

To nail the red hair trend this fall, Cruz recommends asking your stylist for a red that is “deep and rich.”

“Also, talk to your stylist about what products they recommend for maintaining the shade as reds tend to be the quickest to fade,” he adds.

Fall 2023 Hair Styles

Wet Texture

<p>Danielle Priano/Instagram</p> Shay Mitchell with a wet hair look

Danielle Priano/Instagram

Shay Mitchell with a wet hair look

While soft, effortless hair is very much on trend, celebrities are still sporting plenty of sleek styles going into fall.

Shay Mitchell has long been a fan of the wet look, most recently stepping out at the Cannes Film Festival with her slicked-back waves hanging long down her back. During the Washington, D.C. stop of her “Renaissance” tour, Beyoncé took a break from her usual fluffy waves and opted for a wet, crimped style when hitting the stage. And in August, Giannetos gave Nicole Scherzinger a choppy, shoulder-length shag with lots of wet-looking texture.

“I think wet texture allows for a ‘90s grunge vibe that is still a big part of trend influence right now,” says Schipani.

Soft Glam Waves

<p>Bryce Scarlett/Instagram</p> Margot Robbie with soft waves

Bryce Scarlett/Instagram

Margot Robbie with soft waves

As the beachy wave trend becomes a distant memory, soft glam waves are on the horizon for fall 2023. Likely due in part to the recent uptick in Old Hollywood-inspired looks on the red carpet, Schipani also credits the Barbiecore trend for the popularity of soft glam.

“This style is definitely a product of the Barbie fever we are seeing trending across fashion, lifestyle and beauty,” she explains. “This finish gives an effortless glam that mimics the classic Barbie blowout.”

The key to recreating this look at home is blowing out the hair using volumizing products. “The Colorproof Volume Blow Dry Spray is a great lightweight volume spray that has long lasting memory to give that bouncy volume finish that will last all day,” Schipani says.

“A light hold spray that has enough hold to keep the style but to maintain the softness is perfect for finishing. I love the Colorproof All Around Working Hairspray. The Colorproof Powder Fix Spray at the root can really pump up the volume as well if desired.”

‘90s Supermodel Blowout

<p>Dimitris Giannetos/Instagram</p> Amal Clooney with a '90s supermodel blowout

Dimitris Giannetos/Instagram

Amal Clooney with a '90s supermodel blowout

‘90s-inspired beauty trends are nowhere near slowing down. Known for their voluminous, layered hairstyles, the decade’s most influential supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Tyra Banks continue to inspire hair trends in 2023.

“I find a lot of my clients, as well as the models I work with, see [Crawford] as an icon they wish to emulate,” says Cruz. “Her layers fell a few inches beneath her shoulders and had lots of movement and bounce.”

The stylist says that blow-drying and then putting in rollers can help recreate the look at home. “I highly recommend using a volumizing mousse to achieve the effect fully,” he adds. “I love Super Plump Whipped Mousse by Colorproof.”

For a perfect iteration of the trend, look to Amal Clooney’s bombshell waves, courtesy of Giannetos.

Fall 2023 Hair Accessories

Bows & Ribbons

<p>Bryce Scarlett/Instagram</p> Brie Larson with a bow hair look

Bryce Scarlett/Instagram

Brie Larson with a bow hair look

In true Barbiecore fashion, playful hair accessories like bows and ribbons are on the rise. Celebrities like Brie Larson, Blackpink’s Rosé and even “Barbie” herself, Margot Robbie, have been incorporating them into their looks for a coquette-ish twist.

“I think bows are a romantic and playful way to style a ponytail or blowout and can range from soft and elegant to a bit more playful depending on the placement and type of bow,” says Schipani. “Barbiecore has also had an influence on the return of bows.”

Chunky Headbands

<p>James Devaney/GC Images</p> Jennifer Lawrence with a headband hair look

James Devaney/GC Images

Jennifer Lawrence with a headband hair look

Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester, had an undeniable influence on the rise of headbands. The preppy style has been on trend in various forms since the popular teen drama show debuted in 2007, but according to Schipani, TikTok influencers have played a major role in its current resurgence.

“I truly think that this is trending because of the TikTok trend where creators use a thick headband during their ‘get ready with me’ videos,” she says. “Alix Earle has had a huge influence and she is a creator that often does this.”

The stylist adds that the headband trend is an easy way to elevate the soft, effortless hairstyles that are having a moment right now (à la Jennifer Lawrence’s casual, loose waves). “I also think this is a great way to give our hairlines a break after months of slicked back looks,” she says.

'60s-inspired headbands are also on the rise. During Paris Haute Couture Week in July, Giannetos created an Old Hollywood-chic look for Camila Cabello using a thick black headband to pull her long, sleek hair away from her face and add glamorous volume.

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