Hot Dog Seltzer? A Dunkin' Name Change? Here Are All the Foodie April Fools' Day Jokes to Know About

Sweetgreen, Red Lobster and more spots are getting in on the pranks this April Fools' Day — but there are some fact to their fibs

<p>Courtesy of 7-Eleven</p> 7-Eleven pranks fans with hot dog-flavored seltzer

Courtesy of 7-Eleven

7-Eleven pranks fans with hot dog-flavored seltzer

It can be hard to keep an eye out for April Fools’ Day pranks when some of the tricks leave your jaw on the floor.

On Monday, companies are taking the opportunity to trick customers with outrageous flavors and over-the-top collaborations in the spirit of April Fools’ Day. While your Instagram feed might be a battlefield full of faux products, there is rare validity to some of the fast food spots’ pranks.

For starters, Dunkin’ is getting in on the fun. The brand dropped “Donuts” from its name in 2019 and now, five years later, it's rebranding to Donuts'...for one day only on April Fools' Day. The coffee chain announced the name change in a comical post on Monday morning and cleared up some confusion that the name might prompt.

<p>Courtesy of Dunkin'</p> Dunkin' rebrands to Donuts' on April Fools' Day

Courtesy of Dunkin'

Dunkin' rebrands to Donuts' on April Fools' Day

“We’re changing our name. Again,” the post read. “Now we’re just Donuts’. We will have coffee still. Pls don’t ask any other questions. Just going thru it rn.”

The name change may only last for 24 hours, but the donut spot has some real merchandise tied to the joke. Sweatshirts with “Donuts’” written across the chest are available on Dunkin’’s merchandise site.

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Some brands got started on the pranks a little early this year. Last week, 7-Eleven announced its new seltzer flavors: lemon lime, green apple, sweet orange dog.

The eyebrow-raising flavor inspired by the gas station’s Big Big Hot Dog caused quite the internet stir when it was announced on March 27.

On April Fools' Day, the brand clarified that the drink — a collaboration with Miracle Seltzer — is not really in stores. However, there is a limited supply of the real product (some news outlets did get to try samples of the drink). 7-Eleven is urging fans to speak up if they really want Big Bite Hot Dog Sparkling Water and the chain said it will “see what we can do!”

Two brands partnered up for one sweet-salty fib. Tic Tac and Del Taco are morphing together to innovate mints flavored with hot sauce. Hypothetically available in Mild, Del Scorcho and Del Inferno flavors, each pack is inspired by the fast food spot’s hot sauce packets.

Sweetgreen was also inspired by minty-freshness for its April Fools' prank. Leading up to Monday, the salad chain teased a personal hygiene-focused product and revealed the After Salad Kit in an Instagram post on Monday.

<p>Courtesy of Sweetgreen</p> Sweetgreen April Fools' Day prank involved a dental hygiene kit

Courtesy of Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen April Fools' Day prank involved a dental hygiene kit

The dental care kit includes products inspired by beloved toppings at the restaurant, like Miso Ginger Toothpaste, Spicy Cashew Mints and Lime Cilantro Dental Floss, plus a branded toothbrush and floss picks.

Red Lobster’s April 1st prank is mostly fake but has some truth to it. The seafood spot announced this morning that it is replacing the beloved Cheddar Bay Biscuits — the complimentary bread served with every meal — for Cheddar Bay Breadsticks.

While diners nationwide won’t get to try out the breadsticks at most locations, one Red Lobster joint actually does have them. Customers visiting the New York City restaurant in Times Square on April Fools' Day can eat Cheddar Bay Breadsticks all afternoon long from noon until 7 p.m.

Even office supplies brands are getting in on the food-related pranks. On Friday, Scotch Brand Tape announced it is staying true to its name in a new (and fake) product: scotch whisky. The jokey drink is described as having a “delightfully smooth finish that hits like a well-wrapped gift” and is such a limited-edition item that it isn’t available at all.

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