Housework is meditative for me, says Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes finds doing housework to be a "meditative" experience.

The 50-year-old actress has revealed that she actually enjoys doing housework, explaining that keeping the sink clean is one of her biggest concerns.

Eva - who has Esmeralda Amada, nine, and Amada Lee, seven, with partner Ryan Gosling - told PEOPLE: "For me a clean sink equals clear mind. And I find doing the dishes meditative. It is a time to think and relax.

"The rest of my family pitches in; however the dishes are really my domain - my happy place."

Eva is actually launching a new range of cleaning products through Skura Style.

The Hollywood star explained that her Cuban heritage was a big influence on her new collection.

The actress - who was born in America to Cuban parents - said: "It reflects the things in life that inspire me - family, architecture, art, music, fashion - and the colours of my Cuban heritage.

"The beautiful pastel palette of denim, blush and teal reflect the iconic colours of Cuban architecture and landscapes. The patterns I develop are very fashion driven."

Meanwhile, in March, a source claimed that Eva and Ryan "try their best to stay out of the spotlight".

The actress didn't pose alongside Ryan, 43, at the Oscars - but the actor always has Eva's full support and the couple simply prefer to keep their romance low-key.

A source told PEOPLE: "It truly seems they are surviving Hollywood as a couple, because of the way they‘ve handled being famous. They try their best to stay out of the spotlight."

The loved-up couple ultimately choose to prioritise their family life over fame.

The insider explained: "For them, the most important job is their girls. Everything else comes second. Of course Eva is proud and excited for Ryan. She still sees it as a job, though."