This HP Omen gaming PC is $300 cheaper for 4th of July

An HP Omen 25L setup on a desk with external gaming monitor.

There comes a time in every gamer’s life when one must ask themselves: Is my PC setup working for me? And if you find that the answer is no, then it’s probably time to upgrade your gaming rig. Now the only issue is coming up with the dough and sifting through all the gaming PC deals out there. Fortunately, your pals at Digital Trends are always on the lookout for the best promotions, and we found this killer deal at Best Buy.

For a limited time, you can purchase the HP Omen 25L Gaming Desktop for $1,350. Normally priced at $1,650, you can go ahead and put that $300 you saved toward a great monitor by checking out all the best monitor deals we found this week.

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Why you should buy the HP Omen 25L

When it comes to any PC, it pays to know what’s running the show underneath the hood. In the case of the HP Omen, the desktop is powered by an Intel Core i7-14700F with 32GB of DDR5 memory. All your GPU needs are handled by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti, and you’ll have up to 2TB of internal storage to work with. Those are solid numbers on paper, but how does it translate to reality? Quite nicely.

As any PC gamer will tell you, lightning-fast performance is key, especially when playing demanding online titles like Helldivers 2 and Counter-Strike 2. So the fact that the Omen’s i7 CPU contains 20 cores and reaches top clock speeds of 5.4GHz is pretty extraordinary. Even the most action-heavy sequences from the most bandwidth-hungry games should look amazing; both from a picture quality and frame-to-frame point of view. 

As far as ports go, the HP Omen is equipped with everything from USB-C and USB-A inputs to Ethernet and 3.5mm auxiliary for a gaming headset. HP also went out of its way to deliver a chassis that optimizes heat dissipation and overall noise. 

Not every gaming PC sale is as good as this one, and Best Buy deals only tend to last for a week at most. If you think now may be the time to invest in an updated rig, don’t hesitate to do so!

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