Hugh Grant finds watching himself on screen 'horrifying'

Hugh Grant refuses to watch himself on screen.

The 'Bridget Jones' star, 63, admits it's "horrifying" whenever he accidentally lands on a channel playing one of his movies.

He told WHO magazine: "If something I am in comes on, I change the channel.

"It gives me absolutely no pleasure what's so ever to watch myself.

"Maybe accidentally late at night in a drunken moment when I'm channel hopping.

"But genuinely watching myself on screen is horrifying to me."

Elsewhere, the 'Notting Hill' star admitted he loves the "shocking vanity and narcissism" that comes with playing the bad guy, and the fact women love a "baddie".

He said: "I never used to think I would but now I do, yes.

"Being a baddie suits me better I think. It's closer to me. Also, the layers of duplicity that come with playing a baddie suits acting because acting is all about covering things up.

"I enjoy that kind of shocking vanity and narcissism in a character. It's something to do with me getting older I think. But we all love a baddie, not just actors. Audiences like baddies. Girls like baddies."

The 'Unfrosted' star - who played the thieving Oompa Lumpa in 'Wonka' - believes he would still be in advertising if he didn't become a Hollywood star.

He said: "Before acting, I was in advertising.

"I wrote and produced radio commercials and produced them. I was quite happy doing that so maybe I would still be doing it if this hadn't worked out. I wrote some good ads for Mighty White sliced bread."