Hurricane Ian stunning footage: Videos emerge showing mystery shark on street, shipwrecked yachts

Astounding footage is coming out of Florida, which is recovering after being rocked by one of the powerful storms ever recorded in America. Hurricane Ian swept through the state earlier this week, flooding streets, toppling homes and leaving nearly 2 million people without power.

Videos are being posted online of the intense storm and the havoc it wreaked.

One shocking video in particular shows what appears to be a shark thrashing in water in a Fort Myers backyard. While hoax photos of sharks swimming on highways or shopping malls tend to appear after devastating natural disasters, the Associated Press confirmed the footage to be real, with experts saying the creature is either a large fish or a juvenile shark.

Other footage shows just how powerful the hurricane winds were and the scope of the damage.

After the hurricane swept through the state, videos and photos emerged showing the devastating aftermath of the storm.

The hurricane is now veering north to South Carolina.