Iconic Indian food brand Haldiram’s wins trademark battle over logo

Haldiram’s was founded in India’s Rajasthan in 1937 (The Independent)
Haldiram’s was founded in India’s Rajasthan in 1937 (The Independent)

Haldiram’s will trademark its name and logo after an Indian court affirmed that they had been associated with the popular food brand and eatery for over six decades.

In a ruling on Wednesday, the Delhi High Court said Haldiram’s had been using its mark and its distinctive red oval logo since the 1960s.

Founded in India’s Rajasthan in 1937, Haldiram’s is known for its “bhujia”, a crispy snack made from flour and spices, as well as a wide range of sweets, savouries and instant food equivalent of homecooked Indian meals and snacks.

Haldiram’s claims to have outlets in over 80 countries, with significant presence in the US, UK and Singapore, and reported total revenue of $1.5bn (£1.1bn) in 2023. Major Indian conglomerates, including the Tata Group, have tried to buy ownership stakes in the family business in the past, without much success.

The company had moved the Delhi High Court in 2019, complaining that copycat sweet shops and eateries were deceptively using logos similar to its own, to the chain’s loss, and asked for trademark rights under the Indian trademark law.

Justice Prathiba M Singh granted the request, noting that the family concern had acquired “well-known” status.

“The Plaintiff exports its products not just within Asia but to a large span of other countries. In this context, the claim for ‘HALDIRAM’ to be recognised as a ‘well-known’ mark throughout India, inclusive of West Bengal, is a testament to the plaintiff’s cultural and commercial imprint,” Bar & Bench reported the judge as ruling.

“Such dynamism aims to safeguard the goodwill and trust a mark commands among consumers, irrespective of territorial divisions. By granting such a declaration, the court is also aware of the present realities of consumer perception in relation to the average consumers in the food and snacks industry,” the judge added.