Idris Elba eyes duet with rapper Doja Cat

Idris Elba would love to jump on a track with Doja Cat credit:Bang Showbiz
Idris Elba would love to jump on a track with Doja Cat credit:Bang Showbiz

Idris Elba would love to work with rap sensation Doja Cat.

The ‘Hijack’ actor, 51, is also a keen DJ and musician and would love to get to do a song with the 'Paint The Town Red' hitmaker, 28, one day.

Putting the feelers out, he told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: “I’d really like to work with Doja Cat, she’s amazing. I’d also like to work with Black Coffee, he’s amazing. Mark Ronson, too.”

On the power of music uniting people regardless of their age or background, he said in a short film for vodka brand GREY GOOSE: “Everyone speaks different languages, are different ages, but as soon as you play music, it’s just one frequency.”

Idris recently said he “throws everything” he's got into his music.

The ‘Luther’ star spends hours “fine tuning” his tracks to perfect them.

Speaking when he entertained guests at the official GREY GOOSE Altius launch party at a private villa at the hills of Cap Martinet, Ibiza in May, he said: “I throw everything into my music, refining it and fine tuning it, until it hits right. That’s the same vibe I get with Grey Goose Altius.

“The dedication, the attention to detail —it's about the craft in every drop, which is exactly what you want, when you're celebrating something real.”

Idris famously DJed at the wedding reception of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Asked if he ever got paid for the gig, he said during an appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': "No! No, but it was my gift to my friends. I can't afford anything [so I said] 'Can I just DJ?!'...

"Weddings are great and I hadn't DJ a wedding for a long time and that was fun. I was having a great time."

And it seemed the 'Molly's Game' actor had to stick to a strict playlist.

Asked if he played anything by Queen to get Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, on the dancefloor, he said: "It wasn't on the playlist. I played some Dr. Dre."

To mark the launch of GREY GOOSE Altius, the new luxury vodka inspired by the rare natural luxuries of the French Alps, Idris has revealed the summer anthem ‘Pushing On'.

Stream the tune on Spotify now and experience the taste of GREY GOOSE Altius in select clubs and bars around the world.